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Brand Spotlight: Peckish - Wild Bird Food & Garden Accessories


Blue tit sitting on a tree branch

At Lords & Labradors, we’re passionate about all animals, both domesticated pets and wild creatures. We’ve long been known for our signature lines for our canine and feline companions, and now we’re excited to introduce some products aimed at the wildlife in your garden. Peckish is a premium brand of bird food and feeders that sits alongside their range of ‘Secret Garden’ accessories that are designed to create a wonderful environment to attract colourful garden birds. Here we will take a closer look at the brand and explore the key products from the range.


Peckish Bird Feed & Accessories

Peckish have created a range of bird foods and feeders that are each designed to attract a range of garden birds to your patio. From their complete bird seed recipe to mealworms and peanuts, you will find a number of bird food options that will each attract a variety of different species. Peckish have sourced only the finest ingredients that have been chosen with a bird’s ideal diet in mind and will offer our feathered friend’s the complete diet they need to stay healthy.

Robin sitting on a wooden post.

Alongside the bird seed and foods are a range of practical feeders. Each one has been created for a specific type of food and designed to be easy to use, easy to clean and practical for little birds to perch and eat from. They feature a stylish leaf design with antique finish that will complement any outdoor space.

Discover The Peckish Bird Food Range

Peckish Complete No Mess Bird Seed - This classic Peckish recipe contains 15 ingredients and has been created to attract the top 10 birds including goldfinches, blue tits and chaffinches. It contains a Calvita Vitamin mix which is a unique blend of specially formulated vitamins and minerals all chosen to keep garden birds healthy. Your garden will soon be full of beautiful bird song with this high energy bird seed; designed to be used in feeders or scattered on bird tables.

The ideal way to serve this bird seed is in the Secret Garden Bird Seed feeder.  This decorative bird feeder has been engineered to dispense the No Mess Bird Seed in particular. It has a tray at the bottom to collect excess food; this tray also helps to prevent any waste and allows multiple birds to perch at once.  If you have a local squirrel population, consider the Squirrel Proof Seed feeder instead. It has the same qualities as the original, but with an added cage stricture around it which will deter squirrels and large birds from stealing the food inside. 

Peckish Nyjer Seeds -  Nyjer seeds are packed full of energy, oils and minerals that will attract birds including various finches, house sparrows, redpolls and siskins. They’re rich in essential nutrients that birds need all year round.

If you choose this food, serve it in the special Secret Garden Nyjer Feeder. It has the overall stylish aesthetic of the other feeders, but features small ports specially designed to prevent loss of Nyjer seeds and to aid feeding.

Secret Garden Nyjer Seed Feeder
Pictured: Secret Garden Nyjer Feeder 

Peckish Peanuts - Peanuts are one of the most popular bird foods. A high energy bird feed that will attract species including bullfinches, chaffinches, coal tits and great tits. They’re suitable to serve in a range of ways such as on bird tables or in suitable bird feeders.

Serve the peanuts in one of the dedicated Peckish Peanut feeders. Choose from the Secret Garden Peanut feeder or the Squirrel Proof version if you have frequent squirrel visitors. They feature small mesh holes which are safe for younger birds are easy to fill. 

Peckish Peanuts bird foodPeckish Peanut Feeder
Pictured: Peckish Peanuts bird food; Secret Garden Peanut Feeder

Peckish Natural Balance Energy Balls - The final type of bird food in our range are the energy balls which are made of a range of seeds chosen for their nutritional value. They have everything a bird needs to stay healthy and will attract a variety of colourful species to your patio!

Serve in the Secret Garden Energy Ball Feeder which has a specially designed wire frame that is just large enough for birds to easily eat through, whilst holding on with their feet.

       Peckish Secret Garden Energy Ball feeder
Pictured: Secret Garden Energy Ball Feeder  

Secret Garden Bird Tables & Bird Baths by Peckish

You won’t just find bird food to attract birds to your garden, but also a range of beautiful accessories to create a haven for them. Bird baths and tables will give them dedicated places to perch whilst they eat and drink.

Secret Garden Feeding Dish - If you don’t have anywhere to hang a hanging feeder then a bird table is a brilliant alternative. It gives birds a raised platform that will help protect them from predators, whist being free standing. This one in particular is a dish shaped bird table and has a hooked base which can be firmly dug into the ground. It comes in the same antique finish as the hanging feeders and has a lovely bird detail on the rim of the dish.

Secret Garden Wall Hanging Feeding Dish - If you are short on space for a bird table, or you don’t have a lawn of flower bed suitable to fix the free-standing feeding dish into, this wall hanging table might be just the solution. It can be attached to any wall and can be used with any of the Peckish food types.

Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath -   If you are aiming to bring birds into your garden, then the space can’t be complete without a bird bath. It’s important that birds drink enough water and offering them a bird bath will give them a safe place to take a dip and refresh themselves. This one has a sturdy and wide base that makes it ideal for placing anywhere in your garden including on paved patio areas.

Just adding one or two of these accessories to your outdoor space will attract a flurry of our feathered friends. You’ll soon be having coffee on the patio whilst listening to the delightful chirrup of blue tits and basking in the colour that these winged creatures bring. Explore the full range of Peckish products here.

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