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Brand Spotlight: Vesper


Brand Spotlight: Vesper

It’s no secret that cats love to climb, scratch and play. Scratching is an important part of any cat’s routine, helping them keep their claws healthy, sharp and remove the dead husks when needed. No one wants their cat to scratch their furniture but at the same time, scratching shouldn’t be prohibited entirely. That’s why we have a whole array of cat furniture that every feline in the family will love. Cat tree’s and posts are a great addition to any cat’s home, but especially indoor cats who can’t climb and play outdoors. A large cat tree will give indoor cats their own room to exercise and explore.

Here we take a look at Vesper in particular. A contemporary, innovative brand who make beautiful quality cat trees and playgrounds. Vesper really take in to account all the needs of your cat, from scratching and climbing to playing and sleeping. Here are some of our favourite Vesper items…

Compact Cat Furniture

The smaller pieces of Vesper cat furntiure are ideal for kittens and those who have limited space; ideal for apartment living.

Vesper Play Centre Cat Scratcher

The Vesper Play Centre is ideal for kittens. A mini playground with a host of features to keep your little feline content. It has a seagrass scratch post and a flat scratch mat, plus a memory foam cushion for lounging when play gets too much and a rattan ball toy for playtime. The structure can be turned and positioned in different ways too to keep your cat coming back for more!


Vesper Play Centre  Vesper Cabana

Vesper Cabana

The Vesper Cabana is a stylish wooden cat bed with two levels for lounging and napping. Your cat will love spending time in this and it will look stylish in your home! 

Medium Sized Cat Trees and Furniture

Vesper Box Small Cozy Cube

Similar to the Vesper Stool but with an added hideout at the bottom, this doens’t take up any more floor space but does add an extra sleeping (or hiding!) space for your cats. This also gives your cat a little more height to climb and will also appeal to their affinity for heights. We all know cat’s love to watch over their territory!

Vesper Box Large Cozy Cube

The big sibling to the small Cozy Cube. This is ideal for those with larger or more than one cat. Extra platforms, a taller scratch post and more areas for lounging. We love the Box duo of furniture pieces for their use of a small area of floorspace whilst retaining so many features.


vesper box smallvesper box largevesper box large close-up

Large Cat Scratch Trees & Furniture

If you’re looking for the ultimate in indoor cat playgrounds then one of the larger Vesper items may well be what you’re looking for…. 

Vesper High Base Cat Scratch Tree

The mix of varying sizes scratch posts, high viewing platforms and cosy cube shaped den will offer your cat plenty of options for scratching, climbing, hiding and relaxing that he or she could possibley want. Your cat will never get bored playing on this cat tree. Beautifully designed to work well in any room and decor and featuring removable, washable cushions and pads, it really does fuse great design with practicality.

Vesper V Tower

Offering all the same functions of the High Base Tree, but with a different silhouette, the Tower features a stack of two cube shaped dens topped off with a tunnel shaped hideout. Rather than scratch posts, it features a tall scratch mat on the side so your cat can still stretch and scratch until thier heart’s content. This is perfect for any cats who love to hide away from the world adn also multi-cat households giving lenty of room for playing.

vesper high base cat scratch treevesper v-tower cat scratch tree

Vesper quality: Great Design & Practical

Vesper Cat Furntiure has so much to offer your cat. Every aspect has been thought about from the memory foam cushions which add comfort and support to the natural seagrass posts which can even be replaced when your cat eventually wears them out. We are huge Vesper fans here at L&L and we think both you and your felines will be too!

vesper cat scratch tree vesper cat scratch tree hideout vesper scratch furniture

If you have any questions about any of the items featured or something more general, do get in touch. We are happy to help in any way we can!

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