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How To Keep Dogs Calm On Bonfire Night


How To Keep Dogs Calm On Bonfire Night

Autumn can be an exciting time for many households. With Halloween, bonfire night and of course the build up to Christmas, it can be very busy time of year! But for all the excitement and celebration that Autumn brings, it can also mean frightening times for pets! It is vital, at this time of year more than any, that you ensure your dog feels as safe as possible.


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Why are dogs scared on bonfire night?

Bonfire Night can be a troubling time for many dogs. With the constant loud bangs and bright flashes, it is understandable why some dogs can be so frightened by the evening. Here are some of the main reasons why dogs are likely to be scared because of fireworks:


Loud explosive noises – Dogs have an extremely acute sense of hearing, much more so than humans. The loud bangs and crackles that fireworks bring are even louder to your pup and likely to be extremely alarming!


Bright flashes – Fireworks also make bright flashes at a usually dark time of day. This is unfamiliar to dogs and they may become scared at this.


Can make your dog feel trapped – Fireworks are a difficult thing to escape, especially on Bonfire Night. Your dog may be likely to try to run away or hide, however they will struggle to escape them and may feel frightened or anxious.


A feeling of the unknown and unpredictability – Bonfire Night to your dog, is just another, normal evening. The unpredictability of bangs and flashes is likely to cause restlessness and potentially act out of character.


What to do with dogs on bonfire night

When dogs feel scared or anxious, they will look to find a space where they can try to relax and feel comfortable. The place they choose will likely be a dark place with one entrance to hide away from the loud bangs from fireworks. At Lords & Labradors, we understand that sometimes your dog will feel scared, especially on Bonfire Night! This is one of many reasons why we recommend a Lords & Labradors Crate Set for your pup! It provides the perfect escape and hiding place for them to find comfort and shelter when they are feeling anxious or scared.



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How to keep a dog calm on bonfire night

Keeping your dog calm may be something you aim to do on a regular basis. However, with fireworks going off throughout Bonfire Season, you may find it difficult to keep your canine from being calm. We recommend a variety of practices to help ease your dog through the horrors of Bonfire Night:


Daylight walks – It is likely that there will not be any fireworks going off in the daylight, so we would recommend daytime walks for your dog during this period. If you usually walk your dog without a lead this is even more important, as a firework blast going off could spook your dog into running away in fear, which is the last thing any dog owner wants.


Close all windows and blinds – Shutting out the flashes and crackles from fireworks will help to calm your pup. If you can make the evening seem like normal by doing this, it could be a great way of taking your dog’s concentration away from the fireworks.


Create a hiding place – Your dog may seek shelter in times of distress and discomfort, especially on days such as Bonfire Night. At Lords & Labradors we understand that your dog may need a safe place they can relax or seek refuge, and our Crate Sets are perfect for this, offering comfort and a safe hiding space for your pup.


Play music or put the TV on – The background noise of a tv, radio or something similar could be a way to off-put your dog’s mind from the loud bangs and crackles of fireworks. This noise will help drown out the fireworks, hopefully leading to a calmer pup.


Behave normally – Your dog will notice if you are acting strangely or out of character, which will not help their stress or anxiety levels. Behaving in a normal manner around them will make it seem as though nothing strange or frightening is happening, which will help them realise there is nothing to worry about.


How to stop your dog barking on bonfire night

It can sometimes be tough to keep your dog calm, they may even be quite boisterous and bark often during normal days. However, the added pressure of fireworks is unlikely to help any dogs’ level of stress or anxiety. At Lords & Labradors we understand that sometimes your dog will need calming down or something to help to reduce their levels of anxiety. Therefore, we offer a range of calming products which can help your four-legged friend through anxious times like Bonfire Night, such as anti-anxiety coats, calming sprays and many more. We also have a wide range of chew toys and other interactive puzzle toys to offer a fun distraction!


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