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Introduction to the Doggie Den Builder!


We've spent the last few months teasing snippets of information about our New Look website and we finally launched a couple of weeks ago. Most of you will have had time to peruse the "shelves" of our newly designed pet boutique, but we thought we'd highlight one of the key features of the website - The Doggie Den Builder.  

The Doggie Den Builder has been designed to make it super easy to purchase a full crate set with our luxury bedding designs. One of the main issues we found with the old website was the confusion crate sets caused and we were keen to solve this. The Doggie Den Builder is a super easy way to choose a crate in the correct size to suit your dog, along with bedding items of your choice.

The first screen you will see when you open the builder gives a brief description of the process. Simply click the Start Button to start building your set.

Doggie Den Builder

Once the process is underway you are only a few clicks away from your perfect crate set. You get the option to choose your crate size; in this step you can input your dog's breed and the builder will suggest the perfect size for you - or alternatively select the size of your own choice. Then walk through the steps adding and subtracting the main elements (Crate, Cushion, Bumper and Cover) and choose from all of our fabric choices. The image will change to reflect your choices at every stage. Use the arrow buttons on the images to twist the picture so you can see your set from the front back and side angles. See the screenshots below for an example crate set for a standard poodle:

Steps One & Two - Choose Your Size & Fabric 

Doggie Den Builder Step One  Doggie Den Builder - Step 2

Step 3 - Choose Your Elements

Doggie Den Builder - Step 3 Doggie Den Builder Further Steps  

Step 4 - Overview of selection

Doggie Den Builder - Step 4

You can move backwards and forwards through the process to change your selection at any given point. The last screen (Step 4) will show your current selection and show the price for all items you currently have selected. At this point you have the choice to go back to the other steps to chaage your selected items or  adding them all to your Shopping Bag. 

You can still buy all the items separately in our shop, but the den builder gives you a chance to see all the items in different combinations all in one place and makes it easy to see which items you have selected and the prices of those items.

We'd love to know what you think to our new Doggie Den Builder. Send us your feedback to or send us a message on our social media platforms. 


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