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Preparing For Easter With Your Pets


Preparing For Easter With Your Pets

French bulldog wearing bunny ears for easter


It’s almost that time of year; fluffy Easter chicks, cute Easter bunnies and chocolate… lots of chocolate! It’s a lovely time of year to spend with family and friends, and of course your pets. In this article we thought we’d discuss a few fun things to do, suggest a couple of gift ideas for your pets and of course remind of the potential hazards – we want you all to enjoy your Easter weekend in safety. 


Things To Do this Easter

Easter Baking – If you like to bake, then you may like to try some tasty treats for pets. There are some delightful looking recipes over at the blog, including cookies and treats that we’re sure your loveable canines just won’t be able to resist. Head over to to check out the recipes and don’t forget to let us know if you try any!     


easter dog treats - bunny ear treats  Easter egg cookies for dogs


Easter Egg Hunt – All pets love to play. Why not take some of those home-made treats (or some ready-made ones from our shop if you’re not much of a baker!) and take them out in the garden for a pet Easter Egg Hunt? You could even hide boiled eggs, cheese or pieces of meat which your dogs will enjoy hunting down. Just remember before you start the hunt, to make sure there are no hazardous items or plants that your dog can get to.   


Day Out – Any excuse for a day out right? Why not take a trip out into the countryside for a walk amongst the wold flowers or perhaps a run on the beach to blow those cobwebs away? You could stop for a pub lunch on the way home! Check out for some dog friendly places to visit.  


girl with dog at easter - Easter egg hunting


Potential Hazards for Pets this Easter

It’s important not to forget the potential dangers to your pets at Easter. Don’t forget that chocolate and sweets are toxic to both cats and dogs so be sure to keep them away from any human easter eggs. Also beware of certain flowers that you may have around the home at this time of year. Daffodils in particular are poisonous to pets. Read through some of the blogs in our archive for specific posts about flowers that are poisonous to furry family members. 


Easter Gifts for your Pet

Runner Duck – Our new Sophie Allport Limited Edition crate bedding is ideal for Easter! Featuring oh-so-cute Runner Ducks, it will look lovely in kitchens and utilities everywhere. Keep an eye on our website as we will soon have the matching homewares available too!


KONG Cozie Floppy Bunny Dog Toy – Why not treat your pup to a rabbit toy? A super cosy bunny for snuggles and playtime fun.


Kong Duckie – Don’t let your feline family members feel left out. This cute yellow duck is stuffed with catnip to keep your cats and kittens entertained for hours!



Sophie Allport runner duck crate set KONG Cozie Floppy Rabbit  KONG refillable Duckie catnip cat toy


Whatever you do decide to do this Easter, we’d love to hear about it. Whether it’s a day out or a quiet day baking tasty treats, let us know. Send us your pictures and we may just feature you on our social media.


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