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Top 5 Questions Asked In November


Top 5 Questions Asked In November

Are the crate and cover sets suitable for cats?

Our crates and cover sets are absolutely suitable for cats! Perfect for a new litter of kittens, but also great as a covered bed as they grow into adult cats. If you are furnishing the crate with a cushion or cover set, the fabric cushions are lined in a waterproof fabric and all covers are washable.


 Are the Christmas hampers suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog?

You may have noticed our Christmas hampers; collections of hand-selected items that we think you and your pet will love. There is a Christmas cat selection which is suitable for all breeds and ages of cat, plus three Christmas hampers for dogs: Small, Medium and Deluxe. All three hampers are suitable for all breeds of dog and the two smaller hampers are suitable for all sizes.


Care needs to be taken when ordering the deluxe hamper though; it is full of Christmas goodies and toys which every dog will love, plus some dressing up outfits which do come in sizes, meaning you will need to choose a size relevant to your own dog. Size charts are given on the product page for each piece of clothing, so once you have decided which will be best for your dog, select the size and we will pack the items for your hamper accordingly!


Don’t forget, if you’re not sure about size, do give us a call…we are always happy to advise!


Can I personalise my crate cover, bumper and cushion?

We do offer a personalisation service for our crate covers, bumpers and cushions. You can choose to personalise any of the three pieces (or all of them if you wish!) with your pet’s name. Just pop your personalisation details into the relevant box on each listing.


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My puppy gets nervous; how can I help him settle?

When you bring a new puppy home for the first time it may take him a while to fully settle. Even as they get older, some pets will be naturally nervous at certain times, such as noisy situations like firework displays.


There are a range of products that will help to keep your doggy more relaxed.


Here are a few of our favourites:


The My First Bed used in conjunction with the Snuggle Safe Heat Pad will offer warmth and comfort when a puppy first comes home. A super snuggly, cosy bed has a hidden pocket to put the heat pad in. You can also add a ‘Tick Tock’ to the bed which will mimic the beating of the mother’s heart, offering further reassurance to the puppy.


The Karma Wrap Anti-Anxiety Dog Coat helps give your dog a feeling of security. The coat gives constant, gentle pressure around the chest and torso, very much like swaddling a baby. This induced sense of security will help calm a nervous pet.


The selection of products from Pet Remedy are all natural formulas designed to de-stress and calm your pets. Suitable for all pets in times of stress and anxiety, the special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils works to calm the nerves of the most nervous pet. Available as a spray bottle or as a plug in diffuser, the formulas are water based and perfectly safe on skin and fur.


Do you sell edible Christmas treats?

We have a selection of edible treats for dogs including a Christmas tree shaped advent calendar with a treat for every day leading up to Christmas. There are Christmas Pudding and Christmas Stocking cards to wish your best four-legged friend a Merry Christmas. We even have a Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding so your pets will be part of the Christmas Day festivities!

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