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Top Pet Calming Products For Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night


Top Pet Calming Products For Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons here in the L&L office; we love the golden colours of the landscape and crisp morning walks. Whilst it can be beautiful and a great time to get out and about with our pets, it also has its drawbacks. Halloween and Guy Fawkes night fall at the end of October and beginning of November and whilst they are fun, can be nerve wracking for our furry family members. Halloween brings nighttime knocks at the door from strangers and bonfire night festivities can be very scary for our pets with flashing lights and loud bangs from fireworks. Keeping our pets calm and safe at this time of year is really important. Here we highlight some of our favourite products to help keep your nervous pet calm this halloween season.


Calming Products for For Dogs…

Woof & Brew Anxious Hound Herbal Tonic

This healthy tonic for dogs is a great daily supplement for anxious or nervous dogs and is ideal to give them before stressful situations such as fireworks. It's a special blend, rich in vitamins and minerals, best served over food or in their water. Each bottle has approximately 60 servings (please read the label for serving details). 


woof & brew herbal tonic for dogs


ZenDog ZenShirt

Like a comforting hug for your dog, the calming compression shirt from ZenDog applies a firm hold on certain pressure points on your dog’s body similar to swaddling a baby. The shirt gives a calming sense of security during high stress situations. It is light and breathable and comes in three sizes.


dog wearing a zenshirt calming jacket for nervous dogs zenshirt calming jacket


Calming Products For Cats…

Feliway Classic and Friends Plug-in-Diffusers

The Feliway formula has been designed to enhance the behaviour of cats around the house. It is trusted and used by professionals and cat experts alike to prevent unwanted behaviour in cats. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress and tension and can be used for a number of reasons. Not just great for Halloween when your cat’s nerves might be heightened, but also when introducing new cats to the home and any time you need to try to discourage certain behaviours your cat may start exhibiting.


feliway diffuser starter pack


Vets Best Comfort Calm Gel For Cats


Vets Best comfort calm gel for cats. contains valerian root


Calming Products For All Pets…

Pet Remedy All-in-one Calming Kit   

There are a number of different options in the Pet remedy range including plug-in diffusers and room sprays. Pet Remedy contains a host of natural oils that de-stress and calm nervous pets. Our favourite product is the All-in-One Calming Kit that includes a room spray, plug-in diffuser and calming wipes. All the things you could need to help keep your pet calm through the celebrations.

Pet Remedy All-in-one de-stress and calming kit for all pets


We hope you enjoy the festivities of the season. If you have a pet and you're concerned about their anxiety levels, don't panic! Try one of the solutions above and do your best to keep them feeling secure. We wrote an article last year about ways to try to keep your pet safe and secure which might just be worth a read this year.


Check out the 'How to Care for your Pet this Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night' blog here!


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