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Top Ten Things To Get For Your New Puppy *2019*


Top Ten Things To Get For Your New Puppy *2019*

One of the most asked questions here at Lords & Labradors is, "I'm Getting a New Puppy; What do I need?!". We've written a number of articles in the past related to puppy shopping lists and new puppy essentials and thought we'd provide an updated Top Ten Items list for New Puppy Owners. 

1. Puppy Crate

Crate training is a must for most new puppy parents. We’d suggest buying a crate big enough for your puppy to grow into as an adult. To begin you can section off the crate with a puppy bed in one side and a puppy pad in the other, then swap out for a full crate cushion once your puppy is fully toilet trained.   

You can choose from a metal crate or a more furniture-like wooden crate. If you choose the metal crate, our luxury crate bedding will make your metal crate look stylish and den-like and ensure your pup is super comfortable in their den!

Why not try our all new Doggie Den Builder here and create the puppy den of your dreams?!


Puppy Crate Set

2. Puppy Bed

A small and cosy puppy bed that is washable is ideal for the first few months. The Truffle and Snuggle Plush puppy beds are ideal, but if you’d like something more substantial, the My First Bed is slightly larger with a removable ring inside for when your puppy grows, and a pocket for a snuggle heat pad.

My First Bed Puppy Crate Set

3. Puppy Bowls & Food

We’d suggest three main bowls; one for dry food, wet food and water, plus a travel bowl or two for when you’re on your travels. Beco make a quality range of eco-friendly pet bowls in different colours and sizes. Their travel bowl is extremely practical as it pops down flat when not in use making it really easy to stow away.


Beco travel bowl with a cockapoo Beco food bowls

4. Puppy Blanket

We have designed a mini scent blanket to be given to your breeder before you collect your pup so it can be left with your pup and their mum in the first weeks. Then when you bring your pup home with the blanket, they’ll have the scent of mum to remind them of home - a great way to help settle nervous puppies in their new surroudnings.

We also have some lovely large blankets in luxury velvet, faux fur and Sherpa that will add a wonderfully cosy layer of comfort to your pup’s bed.



puppy scent blanket  Puppy Faux fur blanket

5. Puppy Carrier

A carrier will not only ensure you get your puppy home safely, but will be ideal for visits to the vet and any other journeys you may take. Don't forgte it's a legal requirement to secure your doh when travelling in the car and this is definitely one of the most convenient method for travelling small breeds and puppies.


Trixie Kilian pet carrier Trixie pet carrier

6. Puppy Teether

A puppy Chew toy will be your puppy’s best friend when it comes to teething time. We love the durable toys from KONG in particular but there are also great quality options from Rosewood and All for Paws too.


Puppy Teething Stick  KOG Binkie Puppy Teether  Biosafe puppy toy

7. Puppy Pads

Puppy pads will be an essential part of your puppy’s training. They won’t be able to hold themselves in the first few weeks so a place for them inside to toilet when you don’t quite manage getting them outside in time is a necessity.


Puppy Padspuppy pad holder

8. Puppy Pen or Gate

You will ideally want to give your puppies a dedicated area or room for the first few weeks rather than give them the run of the house. A pet gate or puppy pen is ideal to help section off the area. Just remember to provide all the things they need in the puppy’s space to keep them occupied, and of course a puppy pad in case of any accidents.


Puppy Pen Grey wooden puppy gate

9. Puppy Soft Toy

Playtime is an important part of a puppy’s development. A soft toy is a nice choice to offer snuggles at bedtime as well as fun during playtime. The Heart Beat Sheep is a delightful option with a beating heart to mimic the feeling of mum. Your nervous pup is sure to settle down whilst snuggled to him.


Heart Beat Sheep Puppy Snuggle Toy  KOG Cozie Aligator puupy toy

10.  Puppy Walking Set

You will want to purchase a suitable walking set ready for training your pup on the lead. The options include a slip lead which is simple to slip on and off your pup’s head; a mini collar and lead set if you wish to sometimes keep their collar on; or a harness and lead set – a harness is more comfortable and offers more control when first training your dog on the lead.


 ruffler hi and light harness   Slip Lead

We hope you found our Top Ten List helpful. Even if you don't go for our specific choices, hopefully we've given you a handy checklist so you don't forget anything when preparing for your new puppy. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always happy to help as much as we can. 

Also, don't forget to check out our Welcome to the World Puppy Packs which contain variations of many of the things on this list in one handy starter pack - a great way to buy a bundle of puppy products all in one place. 

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