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Dog Crate Replacement Trays & Dividers

Crate Training your puppy or dog is a valuable part of their development. Crating your dog is an efficient way to help them settle into their new home and also helps with potty training and bedtime routines. At Lords & Labradors we understand all of your crate training needs and have curated a comprehensive collection of Crate bedding and accessories including dog crate trays. Making sure the inside of the crate is always clean and hygienic is not only important for your dog’s health but will also encourage them to use it more.


Explore the full range of crate accessories and dog crate pad liners online.  All orders over £75 to the UK qualify for free delivery.

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Dog Crate Accessories, Dog Crate Dividers and Trays

Crate training your new puppy or dog is a really rewarding process, for both you and for them. Using a crate will help them to settle down in their new home quickly and efficiently, will help them to learn good house manners, aid with potty training and also the night-time routine. Encouraging your dog to use a crate in the correct way shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It isn’t about confinement or keeping them locked away, but instead offers a safe and quiet space that they can eventually use when they please.  When a crate is set up well, it will make the perfect bed your dog can take themselves off to when they would like a nap or little bit of peace and privacy from the rest of the family. Crate doors are more often than not left open for them to come and go when they please.

At Lords & Labradors we have made it our mission to provide all of the things that you will need to start crate training your puppy or adult dog. From crates and bedding, to smaller accessories such as spare crate trays. Crate training will involve lots of coaxing and tempting your puppy to use the crate so making sure the interior is always clean and inviting is an absolute must. A removeable crate tray makes the cleaning process really simple. Whenever you are washing your pet’s bedding, you can simply pull the tray out too and give that a good clean. Keeping the crate clean is good for your pup’s health and will entice them to use the crate more.

Everything you need to crate train your puppy

Explore the whole L&L collection of dog crates and accessories in which you will find everything to make your dog crate feel comfortable and look gorgeous. We have beautifully handmade crate covers and coordinating bedding made here in our workshop in the UK, all available in a full range of sizes to suit all breeds from tiny dogs up to giant breeds.   

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