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Cat Food

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Royal Canin Home Life Indoor Cat Food
Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Hairball Care Cat Food
Royal Canin Home Life Indoor Cat Food for appetite control
Royal Canin Mother and baby cat  Food
Royal Canin Hairball Care Cat Food

Luxury Cat Bowls

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Catit Double diner cat bowl in black
Single white feeding dish for cats
Grey flower shaped placemat for cats - pet feeding mat
Catit Flower Placemat
From $12.00
Ragdoll cat drinking from the Catit Stainless steel drinking fountain
Pack of two dual action fountain fillers for catit drinking fountain
Cat drinking from bowl whilst using peanut shaped placemat

Cat Treats

Cat licking salmon and prawn flavoured lickable treat
Catit Tuna flavoured lickable cat treats
Catit Heart shaped treat dish in cream with stand
Whiskas Cat Milk Plus 3pk
Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter to help with cat digestion
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Pet Food Storage

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Tarhong Gibraltar pet food scoop
Indigo Pet Placemat - feeding mat for pets
Carmel Medallion Grey Jar for Pet Treats
Sophie Allport Woof Dog Treat Tin
Sophie Allport Purrfect! Cat Treat Tin
Blue Beco pet food can Cover
Beco Can Cover
From $3.00

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