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Cat Scratch Toys

If you’re looking for fun and stimulating toys for your feline friend to get their claws into, you’ve come to the right place. At Lords & Labradors, we offer a superb range of cat scratching toys designed to provide your kitty with hours and hours of endless entertainment.

 It’s only natural for your cat to scratch. It is often thought of as bad behaviour, but scratching is actually quite important, and if anything, it should be encouraged in the appropriate places. Some cats like to scratch if they’re feeling happy or excited, so investing in high quality scratching toys for your feline is a must.

 Scratching toys are also handy for directing your cat away from your furniture and carpets to save them from unwanted claw marks, as well as mucky paw prints.

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A scratching toy for every cat

Our collection of toys includes something for every cat, from playful kittens to more mature adult felines. You can take your pick from floor... Show More

Our collection of toys includes something for every cat, from playful kittens to more mature adult felines. You can take your pick from floor scratchers in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from small barrel styles to larger wave-shaped designs. These toys have a strong, hard wearing corrugated surface, providing your kitty with the perfect place to sink their claws into. These surfaces are also infused with catnip. Your cat simply won’t be able to walk past without having a scratch.

Our scratching style toys can help play a crucial role in your cat’s grooming routine too. These accessories provide your kitty with something to dig their claws into safely, helping to remove the outer layer of their claws, which in turns keeps their paws strong and healthy. This type of toy also encourages your furry friend to stretch their muscles and stay active, which is especially important for cats that don’t venture outdoors.

We offer cat scratchers that can be hung from door handles too, giving your kitty motivation to jump up high, stretching their bodies in the process. Our door handle scratchers are available with exciting features for your cat to enjoy, such as fluffy feathers and plush teddy charms in bright, vibrant colours.

Perhaps your cat would prefer to play with a small scratching toy, like one of our cute mouse-shaped toys enhanced with irresistible catnip. Alternatively, you could go for one of our bigger scratching units for the ultimate experience for your feline friend. Regardless of which cat scratching toys you decide to go for, your kitty is guaranteed to absolutely love it.

Designed with your cat in mind

All of our scratching toys have been designed and manufactured with your cat in mind. Many of our toys are covered in high quality sisal material, and each one is sturdy and long-lasting, meaning your kitty will be able to play with them safely time and time again.

Our range of toys includes toys designed by some of the most popular pet brands, such as Catit, Jolly Moggy, KONG and more.

Browse our range of superb cat scratching toys today. Ordering from us is easy, and we offer free delivery on all orders over £75.

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