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Luxury Dog Crate Sets

Our Luxury Dog Crate Sets really are the ultimate dog beds. Many dogs love their crate; they love having a cosy den of their own where they can retreat for a snooze. But basic dog crates can be rather draughty, which is where our luxury crate bedding comes in. Our crate sets include a crate along with a cover, cushion and bumper to make the cosiest, most delightful doggie den you've ever seen. Our bedding is all handmade in our Lincolnshire workshop so you can be sureties of the highest quality.

Browse our range of dog crate sets which includes some beautiful fabrics options to suite all interiors. Shop online and get free delivery on orders over £75.

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Dog Crate Bedding and Covers

Lords & Labradors specialise in dog crate bedding and accessories. Our full dog crate sets consist of a deluxe dog crate together with a bumper,... Show More

Lords & Labradors specialise in dog crate bedding and accessories. Our full dog crate sets consist of a deluxe dog crate together with a bumper, cushion and crate cover – designed to give you the ultimate den for your dog in a stylish choice of fabrics. When used as a set these create the ultimate in comfort for your puppy or adult dog. We stock a full range of sizes to suit all breeds and age of dog, from the tiniest Chihuahua through to the largest Great Dane. So, if you’re looking for a Dachshund crate, a Cockapoo crate or a Labrador crate, we have it covered, as well as crates for every other breed you can imagine too!

Our Luxury Dog Crates

Our deluxe dog crates are made from pet safe metal and feature practical removable trays to make them super easy to clean. They are double door crates, making them versatile enough to use in many rooms and situations. We have all 5 main sizes of dog crate from 24” up to 48” so there’s a crate to suit every puppy and dog. We always suggest buying the adult size for your puppy, so you can use the same crate for puppy training as you will for your adult dog – he’ll become accustomed to his little den and will appreciate it just as much after he’s fully house trained as he will as a little puppy. Crates are an essential item for puppy owners as they help with house training and the nighttime routine.

Our Luxury Crate Bedding

Our luxury bedding is crafted in our British workshop and is designed to be both practical and stylish at the same time. The bumpers and cushions both feature waterproof interlinings, so if your puppy has an accident, it won’t permeate the inner stuffing of the cushion. The bumper sits around the edge of the crate cushion to provide a cushioned wall of comfort. Puppies and adult dogs alike will love snuggling up in the corner at naptime! The matching crate covers complete the set perfectly. They not only make the draughty bare cage look lovely, but they also provide some privacy and comfort to your dog too. They are great for helping young puppies get into their night time routine and are also ideal for giving nervous older dogs the feeling of security they need.   

All of our crate bedding covers are washable on a 30° cycle – the bumper and cushion covers simply zip off when you want to wash them.


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