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Personalised Crate Bumpers

At Lords & Labradors we produce an extensive range of dog crate bedding including our personalised crate bumpers. Our crate bumpers are designed to make the inside bars of your dog’s crate as soft and comfortable as possible, adding a cosy layer of warmth to the walls. Our crate bumpers are part of a wider crate bedding range, that we created to help with crate training your puppy. They’re loved by dogs of all ages though, who become very attached to their own personal dens.


We have crate bumpers in many different fabrics, colours and textures so you can choose something that truly compliments your home. Shop the range of personalised crate bumpers online and get free delivery on all UK orders over £75.

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A Personalised Crate Bumper to suit every dog

Our crate bedding sets are loved by dogs of all breeds and ages. A full crate set will help aid in the crate training stage,... Show More

Our crate bedding sets are loved by dogs of all breeds and ages. A full crate set will help aid in the crate training stage, and they usually become a dog' favourite den for the rest of their lives. They love the warmth, quiet and privacy that a crate set provides. The crate bumper in particular is designed to make the inside of the crate extra inviting. When used with a crate cushion, it provides your dog with so many sleeping choices. If your dog loves to curl up in the corner, then they will adore the addition of the bumper. It adds a padded layer between your pup and the metal bars offering a little hug at nap time.

Our bumpers come in five standard sizes to fit almost any crate. Just choose the size to match the length of your crate. We have bumpers starting at a small 24” size going all the way up to an Extra Extra Large 48” – if you have a Miniature Dachshund we have the perfect size; or if you’re looking for a bumper for a Cockapoo, a Labrador or a Great Dane we have those too.

They come in a gorgeous range of fabrics. We’ve been careful to choose fabrics that are both stylish and practical. Our Balmoral tweeds are thick and durable and perfect for any home. Our printed cottons are all designed in house and feature all kinds of prints; if you want something simple and timeless then the spots or stripes are for you; if you want something with whimsy and charm then one of our sophisticated illustration style prints might be more to your taste. Whichever you choose you will not be disappointed. Our bumpers help to make your crate look gorgeous whilst standing up to use too. They feature waterproof interlinings in case of any accidents and the removable covers are also washable.

Browse the entire range of personalised crate bumpers along with all the matching accessories available including cushions and crate covers. If you need help with sizing or would like to discuss a bespoke dog crate set, please do get in touch; we’re always here to help!

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