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Interactive Dog toys

Want to keep boredom at bay for your four-legged friend? Our collection of interactive dog toys has everything you need to keep your pooch’s tail wagging. We stock popular brands that are renowned for their high quality pet products, such as KONG, Good Boy, Beco, Chuckit and All for Paws.

So, when you shop with us, you can be sure that you’re getting top of the range playthings that your dog will love. After all, your furry friend deserves only the best. Whatever your dog’s age and size, at Lords and Labradors, you’ll find the perfect toys to keep them stimulated and entertained, from throwing toys and chew toys to fun interactive dog puzzles.

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Take your fetch game to the next level

No dog can resist a toss and retrieve game and with our range of fun balls and flyers, you’ll be well equipped for playtime. We... Show More

No dog can resist a toss and retrieve game and with our range of fun balls and flyers, you’ll be well equipped for playtime. We stock a fantastic array of throwing toys, including tennis balls, rugged flyers, core strength balls and medium/large sized jumbler and rugby balls. Playing fetch with toys like these not only helps your dog to get the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy, this bond-boosting activity can also be a great way to spend quality time with your canine pal.

We understand that life gets busy sometimes but you’ll still want your pooch to stay physically active and mentally stimulated. Thanks to the All for Paws Interactives Dog Hyper Fetch, your pooch can enjoy playtime even when you’re not at home or unable to join in the fun. With two sizes available, this toy would make the perfect gift for all sorts of dogs, from tiny Beagle puppies to great big Golden Retrievers.

Make playtime more rewarding

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? At Lords and Labradors, you can find toys that will give dogs of all ages a challenge they’ll love. Whether you’re looking for a food dispensing dog toy, an interactive dog feeder or an interactive dog puzzle, you’ll find just what you’re after right here. From brightly-coloured balls that can be stuffed with treats for your dog to dislodge to clever connecting kibbled-filled balls for them to unlock, we stock toys that provide varied and rewarding challenges that meet your dog’s natural foraging needs.

Satisfy your dog’s chewing instinct

We provide lots of interactive toys that will fulfill your hound’s chewing needs. Whether you want to relieve discomfort in a teething pup, to keep your pet’s jaw strong and teeth clean or to prevent boredom in an older dog, you’ll find a variety of interactive chew toys that your pooch will be delighted to get their teeth into. They come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, catering for dogs of all ages and sizes, from pups to mature dogs. You’ll find chew toys that provide interesting sensory feedback for canines too, including crackling, squeaking and rebounding designs

At Lords and Labradors, we’re passionate about keeping pets healthy in both body and mind. That’s why we stock some of the best interactive dog toys on the market. Check out our range today to find our dog’s new favourite plaything.

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