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Founded in 2013 Lords and Labradors initially launched in the UK. We now have loyal customers in 17 countries including Denmark, Italy, Germany, Japan, USA and Australia.

Having worked closely with ethical dog breeders it became obvious that there was a demand for high quality puppy products and kits, and importantly somewhere to get support and advise at the same time.

Our core products are designed, developed and made in our specialist workshop in the UK to exacting quality standards. This includes our beautiful crate covers, bumper sets and iconic Chesterfields. Our toys, grooming products and coats are hand-picked from the very best suppliers worldwide.

Our Founder


Founder & Managing Director

Johanna founded L&L after discovering how difficult new puppy owners found getting all the right kit! She is keenly interested in animal welfare and has two cats (Mao and Magic), a Miniature Dachshund, Schnitzel, a Jack Russel, Nip and a Coton de Tulear, Anoushka.

Meet The Models

  • Schnitzel

    Pawffice Manager

    Schnitzel is Miss Independent, which isn't surprising as she is the original L&L model. She knows the ropes when it comes to modelling and is the sassiest of them all! Schnitzel always stops, drops and rolls for a tummy tickle any time someone walks past. 

  • Nala

    Head of Barketing

    Everyone in the office adores Nala, she is the crowd favourite! Nala equally loves everyone back, unless you're wearing a hat, then she's not so sure. Nala is dramatic, excitable and a bundle of energy. After an energetic outburst you will find her chilling out on Aunty Becky's knee.

  • Rhubarb

    Purroject Manager

    Rhubarb is a classic pandemic kitten- a needy, cuddly attention seeker! He is the chattiest boy who loves to tell you all about what he has found in the bins he's raided today. Rhubarb's perfect evening consists of curling up on his Mum and Dad's lap after helping himself to their leftover dinners. 

  • Inca

    Product Phodographer

    Inca is the definition of the goodest girl. She is the most well behaved ball of fluff who is eager to please and poses to pawfection. Inca loves to keep everyone on their toes with her obscure breed name, can you guess what she is?

  • Baslow

    Pawsitivity Manager

    Baslow loves fuss, attention and the secret stash of treats on everyone's desks! He's always happily trotting around the office going from desk to desk spreading love and joy. You can usually find him looking for leftovers in the office bins! 

  • Crumble

    Software Developaw

    When you first meet Crumble he can act a little nervous, but rest assured within five minutes he'll be your best friend! Crumble is very loving and is always up for some playtime fun. Crumble is a chief baker and is dressed to impress at all times.

  • Richmond

    Dogital Marketing Executive

    Richmond, known as Richie by his friends, is the longest boy in the office. He was supposed to be a Miniature Dachshund but he hasn't stopped growing yet! Richie loves to play fetch for hours on end until he's finally ready to snuggle down for lots of cuddles. 

  • Winter

    Head of Puplick Relations

    Winter is the original swirly whirly girl, whose curls are always groomed to perfection. Winter is the definition of a Mummy's girl and loves a cuddle. Everyone comments on her beautiful eyes, which are so full of expression they look like they belong to a human.

  • Daisy

    Customer Grrrelations Manager

    Daisy is poised to pose at all times, with her curls always in check she makes a fantastic model! Daisy is such a people pleaser and will do whatever it takes for everyone to love her. The one thing Daisy is fussy about is her food and treats, she will only accept the best of the best

  • Bailey

    Pawchasing Executive

    Bailey is the biggest of all the L&L models, you can't miss him! If you can't see him you can usually hear him snoring away in the corner during his afternoon nap. He is a typical Lab who is always hungry and loves a cuddle. You can't leave a door slightly ajar around Bailey as he is a master escape artist and will always find a way out! 

  • Stanley

    Sewing Mutterials Associate

    Stanley is King of the sewing room, you will always find him snoozing under his Mum's desk whilst she works. Stan the man, as his friends call him, is besties with all the office dogs and loves when they come across to visit. Stanley looks after all his toys and keeps them in pawfect condition stashed away in his bed. 

  • Larry

    Furnancial Advisor

    Larry is not only the oldest of the office dogs, but only makes special appearances as he's also the loudest! He loves to bark at his friends and destroy any fun new toys his Mum brings home from work. Despite his loud and playful nature he is the cuddliest boy who loves to pull the funniest faces!


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