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Dog Toys

Everyone needs dog toys to keep their pets happy. Dogs are lively creatures and love to play - keep yours occupied with a variety of dog toys available at Lords & Labradors. Not all dogs are the same, so finding the right toy for them can be really rewarding. From toy-carrying Labradors to toy-thrashing Jack Russels, different toys are suited to different personalities. Dogs will also like different toys for different occasions; a chew toy on a rainy day indoors and a rope throwing toy for the garden!

We have tough dog balls, rubber dog balls, dog puzzle toys, dog feeding toys and dog friendly soft toys... to name a few. We also have wonderfully stylish toy boxes to store your dog’s toys in so you can mix them up a bit! With free delivery on all orders over £75, Lords & Labradors is the perfect place to get all the toys your dog could dream of!
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Fun Dog Toys & Accessories

We all know that playing is a dog’s favourite thing to do. Whether it’s playing fetch on the beach with a frisbee or tug... Show More

We all know that playing is a dog’s favourite thing to do. Whether it’s playing fetch on the beach with a frisbee or tug of war with a rope toy, dog’s enjoy playing as much as we do. At Lords & Labradors we have sourced a wide selection of dog toys to appeal to all kinds of dog breeds and age of dog. From Labradors to Cockapoos, Miniature Dachshunds to Cocker Spaniels, there is a dog toy to suit them. We’ve also made sure we have every type of toy including chew toys, throwing toys, interactive toys, plush toys and puzzle toys. All of which will ensure your dog is mentally stimulated and physically exercised. We stock premium pet toys from some of the most popular pet brands around including KONG, All For Paws, Rosewood, House of Paws and Ruffwear.

Throw & Fetch Dog Toys

Lots of dogs like to play fetch. Games of throw and retrieve are really great for you to get some valuable bonding time in with your pet, exercise your dog and to help instil your dog’s training too. There are all kinds of throwing toys available from brands including Chuckit and Nerf. We have a huge selection of balls including dog friendly tennis balls, rope toys that double as ‘tug-of-war’ toys and frisbees. So whether you’re going for a play in the park, a run on the beach or just a play in the garden, there is an outdoor dog toy just perfect for your next game of fetch!

Chew & Tug Dog Toys

Lots of dogs love to chew! It can come from a place of boredom, but also inquisitiveness too. If you have a dog who loves to chew and thrash then we have it sorted with our range of chew toys from brands including KONG and Ruffwear. We have super tough dog bones, dog balls made of chew resistant materials and extra durable dog balls too.

Interactive Dog Toys

Playtime isn’t just about allowing your dog to have fun, but is also important for their brain development and stimulation. We have sourced a number of toys that especially aid your dog’s learning and problem solving. Puzzle balls that are stuffed with treats are a great way to encourage your dog to earn a reward through play. What’s better than a tasty treat at the end of playtime?!

Plush Dog Toys

What do dogs like to do after a fun playtime?! They like to nap of course! We have a range of dog plush toys that your pup will love playing with and then snuggling up to at bedtime. We stock a variety of plush teddy bears for dogs as well as other furry animal shaped toys too.

KONG Dog Toys

If you’re looking for the ultimate in durable dog toys, look no further than KONG. KONG are famous for their classic KONG chew toy, but also make an extensive range of other dog toys such as plush toys for snuggles and throwing toys for fun games of fetch.

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