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Puppy Toys & Accessories

We all know how much puppy's like to play! Puppy playtime isn't just about having loads of fun, but also offers lots of learning opportunities and brain development for growing pups. Not to mention the many teething toys that will help soothe teething puppies. We have all kinds of toys including balls, bones, interactive toys and plush toys.

Explore the playful collection of dog toys and rattan dog toy storage boxes at Lords & Labradors. Keep your pet entertained for hours with our hand-selected, tried and tested range from brands including Beco, KONG, All For Paws and Biosafe. 

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Puppy Toys, Games & Accessories

We all know that puppies love to play. Playing is important for your puppy’s development, a time for them to learn and have fun at... Show More

We all know that puppies love to play. Playing is important for your puppy’s development, a time for them to learn and have fun at the same time. We have an extensive collection of puppy toys here at Lords & Labradors from leading pet brands including KONG, All for Paws, Animal Instincts, House of Paws, Rosewood and Ruffwear. Premium quality, durable puppy toys for both indoors and outdoors will mean your puppy always has a source of fun and never has chance to get bored! Boredom can lead to negative behaviours such as chewing bedding and barking. Ensuring they are stimulated with toys and other fun accessories will keep boredom at bay and enhance their brain development!

Puppy Chew Toys

Our range of puppy toys includes puppy toys for chewing and teething.  Puppies can chew for a number of reasons including boredom and inquisitiveness, but more often than not it is down to teething. We have sourced a broad selection of tough toys for puppies so they can chew until their heart’s content. So whether you are looking for a puppy ball, a puppy bone, e teething stick or a puppy ring, you will find a suitable option in our puppy toy shop.

Plush Puppy Toys

Puppy’s love to snooze just as much as they love to play. Our snuggle toys for puppies are ideal for cuddles at nap time when playing has worn them out! Some of our favourite plush toys for puppies are the Heartbeat Sheep and Little Buddy Warm bear by All for Paws. These have a beating heart and warming pad respectively, to give comforting snuggles to little pups. They are ideal for new puppies who might miss the feel of Mum when they first come home.

Puppy Throwing Toys

Your puppy will enjoy playing with you too, and playtime together will only strengthen your bond. It is also a time that you can get some extra training in such as throw and retrieve. We have a great selection of throwing toys for puppies that are ideal for games of fetch. From balls to rope toys and frisbees there are loads of toys that will provide hours of fun for you both.

KONG Puppy Toys

We have a range of really great pet brands here at Lords & Labradors and one of our favourites is KONG. KONG specialise in really tough and durable chew toys, but also make some other excellent toys for puppy’s including plush toys and throwing toys. Discover and shop the range!

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