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Catnip Toys

Every cat owner will know the powerful effects that catnip can have on felines. Around half of all cats absolutely love this little herb, which is why our catnip toys are hits with pets up and down the country. If your cat is one that can't get enough of it, they will adore playing with these catnip toys. Available in a range of colours, textures and styles, you can choose the one that will appeal the most to your cat, or pick a few to help you shake it up.

Catnip can be a powerful training tool, or it can simply be used to help your cat relax and enjoy itself. Whatever uses you have in mind for your catnip toy, you'll be able to get your order in no time at all. Free delivery available on all orders over £75.
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KONG Catnip & Soft Plush Toys

As a cat owner, you’re probably more than aware of the powerful effects that catnip can have on your furry feline. The majority of cats... Show More

As a cat owner, you’re probably more than aware of the powerful effects that catnip can have on your furry feline. The majority of cats simply can’t get enough of this little herb, so there’s no doubt your cat will absolutely love playing with our catnip toys.

Catnip is thought to target the “happy” receptors in your kitty’s brain, and when eaten, it is believed to provide them with an overwhelming sense of happiness. The herb can help your pet calm down and relax, or it could even encourage them to be more playful. Either way, you’re sure to have one happy, content cat.

Our catnip toys are perfect for chasing, nibbling, snuggling, hunting and scratching. Regardless of whether you have an excitable kitten or a mature and fabulous feline, your cat is guaranteed to have hours and hours of fun playing with these toys.

A wide selection of fun catnip toys

At Lords & Labradors, we offer a wide selection of catnip toys and accessories in a range of different colours, textures and styles. We offer an array of soft and fluffy catnip toys in a selection of cute animal designs, including llamas, crabs, turtles, birds and, of course, every cat’s favourite target - a mouse. We also offer fun, quirky styles such as pirates and unicorns.

You can choose from toys featuring brightly coloured feather trims and string for dragging and chasing, as well as designs with different sounds, such as bells and crinkle materials, providing the ultimate sensory experience for your feline friend. We also offer catnip toys that can be hung from door handles and refillable toys giving your cat endless amounts of fun.

Why not go for one of our catnip shakers? Simply use the shaker to sprinkle the catnip onto your cat’s toys to encourage them to play and relax. We also stock catnip spray, perfect for adding to scratch toys

All of our catnip toys have been expertly designed and manufactured so that they are completely safe for your cat to use time and time again, giving you added peace of mind. You can choose from toys from popular brands such as Catit, KONG, Jolly Moggy, Happy Pet and Disney.

Whatever type of catnip toy you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find what you need in our collection. Ordering with us online is quick and easy, and we offer free delivery for all orders over £75.

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