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Kitten Essentials & Kitten Accessories

Lords & Labradors has all of the new kitten essentials you need to make everything perfect for your adorable new arrival. Our essential range includes the basics that any cat owner will need, like litter trays, food bowls, scratchers and grooming kits. However, if you'd like to get everything you need in one simple purchase, the easiest thing to do is to order our standard or luxury kitten essentials kits. These kits contain all the practical necessities, as well as comfortable beds, tasty foods and exciting toys.

Ordering everything in one go really takes the stress out of preparing for any new pet, let alone one as adventurous as a new kitten. We've also taken the stress out of delivery by offering it free for anyone who makes an order of £75 or more.
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Everything You Need For a New Kitten

At Lords & Labrador we have everything you could possibly need to welcome home a new pet, including a new kitten. Our new kitten collection... Show More

At Lords & Labrador we have everything you could possibly need to welcome home a new pet, including a new kitten. Our new kitten collection includes kitten beds and bedding; kitten toys and play items; kitten carriers and travel accessories; kitten food and feeding products as well as an array of other kitten essentials to make bringing your kitten home, and settling them in, as easy and as efficient as possible. It can be nerve wracking trying to remember everything, which is why we have put all of the kitten essentials you will need in one place! Explore our new kitten products and make sure you have everything ready to bring them home. We stock some of the leading pet brands for cats around including Catit, Rosewood, Trixie and KONG.

Kitten Carriers & Travel Products

Travel day is super exciting! Getting to bring your kitten home for the first time will be thrilling, and also possibly nerve wracking. Shop our range of kitten travel items to make sure the journey goes as smoothly as possible. We have kitten carriers to keep them safe on the journey in the car (or public transport); we have blankets and calming products to help stay comfortable and help ease their nerves. New kittens are bound to be slightly anxious when you first bring them home - new sounds, smells and sights could be overwhelming so it's important to do everything you can to keep them calm.

Kitten Beds and Bedding

Making sure they have somewhere comfortable to sleep is a must for new kittens. You will probably try to settle them in their bed quite soon when they get home. We have a lovely selection of Kitten Beds that are ideal for little ones. Cosy sherpa fleece and faux fur beds make for warm and comfortable catnaps! You could choose one of our hooded cat beds which will add privacy to their space - ideal for nervous kittens when they want to escape from the rest of the family for a nap or a rest. We also have cat donut beds which are super popular with our L&L cats! Available in a range of stylish fabrics, there is a colour and pattern to suit every kitten!

Kitten Toys

Kittens love to play and it’s important to provide them with Catnip Toys and Teasers to keep them active and aid their brain development. We all learn through play as youngsters and this includes our pets. We have kitten toys in all kinds of designs including catnip mice, feather wands and interactive puzzle toys. Give your cat a variety of toys to play with and try to rotate them so they don’t get bored.  Our cat toys are designed to appeal to all of your cats senses such as their need to hunt, chase, scratch and pounce. We’ve sourced our toys from a variety of pet brands including KONG and Rosewood. We also stock the brilliant range of interactive cat toys by Catit. The Catit Senses range features a number of sets and accessories that can be used individually or put together to create a cat playground. Ideal for cats of all ages!

Kitten Starter Packs

It can be stressful, trying to get everything planned for a new pet. It isn’t just about buying all the things you need, but also making sure your home is kitten proof and ready for their arrival too. That’s why have created our Kitten Starter Packs that contain all the essentials you will need. Our kitten packs come in two options; standard and luxury, and contain a list of the most important pet products you will need to have before you bring your kitten home. There's a cosy kitten bed, a scent blanket, kitten bowls, kitten toys, cat litter tray & litter as well as some tasty kitten milk.

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