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Dog Chew Toys

Chew toys are great for dogs. They love to chew; it's a natural instinct that has benefits for their physical and mental wellbeing. We've curated a whole collection so that your dog can tug and bite without worry of it falling apart. These toys are also great for puppies when they are teething and dogs that chew when anxious or bored. We have a collection of ropes and strong toys from great brands such as Kong, Planet Dog and Ruffwear.

Order your chew toys online with Lords & Labradors to get free delivery on all orders over £75. Why not take a look at our whole toy collection to see if there's anything else you need?
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More than just toys

Here at Lords & Labradors, we stock a wide selection of high quality branded chew toys for dogs in an impressive range of shapes, sizes... Show More

Here at Lords & Labradors, we stock a wide selection of high quality branded chew toys for dogs in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit all types of pooches (and their owners)! Whether your four-legged friend loves to play fetch in the park or just sit in their dog bed chomping on a toy, when you shop with us you’ll find the perfect chew toys to keep your canine entertained for hours.

Made to deter your furry friend from destructive chewing as much as for playtime, each item in this excellent range of dog chew toys is designed to help with a range of common issues, from separation anxiety and boredom to teething and weight management. These virtually indestructible and dog-safe chew toys not only bring hours of fun, they also help to settle nervous pups, soothe the painful teething process and relieve boredom.   

Choose from a selection of fun dog chew toys

However your dog likes to play, each item in this superb range of chew toys is guaranteed to get your dog’s tail wagging. At Lords & Labradors, we offer dog toys in a wide variety of styles, from chew bones that can be stuffed with dog chews and treats to softer activity balls and teething sticks that are ideal for all young pups.

This extensive range also features a number of softer plush toys that double-up as chew toys. Choose from adorable designs including the TenniShoes Giraffe, the Seashells Turtle or the Knots Carnival Elephant, all made by KONG. These wonderful toys not only provide your furry companion with hours of fun, they also provide them with a little friend they can carry around and snuggle up to in bed. This type of chew toy is ideal when it comes to helping puppies to settle into their new homes and reducing separation anxiety when you are out of the house.

Safe chew toys for brands you can trust

No matter whether it’s your canine’s birthday or you are looking for a gift for a friend that has recently welcomed a new pup into the family, our range of branded chew toys make for great doggy presents.

Naturally, these dog toys need to be hard-wearing and long-lasting. That’s why we ensure each item featured in this wonderful range is manufactured from only the highest quality, canine-safe materials by some of the best and most trusted dog accessory brands in the UK. From KONG to Rosewood Biosafe, Animal Instincts to Beco Ball, when you purchase a new chew toy from Lords & Labradors, you can rest assured it is safe and built to stand the test of time.

Why not treat your furry companion to a new toy today? Check out our range of chew toys for dogs on this page and remember to also browse our collections of throwing toys, plush toys and other doggy accessories.

Ordering with us is quick and simple, and we offer free UK delivery when you spend over £75.

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