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Vesper Cat Furniture

At Lords & Labradors, we are proud stockists of Vesper - a leading brand in the manufacturing of super stylish cat furniture designed to keep your feline friend happy, healthy and entertained every day. Our Vesper furniture products provide your cat with a safe place to scratch, jump, climb, stretch, play and even sleep, all of which are crucially important for their health and wellbeing.

 What’s more, having a piece of cat furniture in your home can help keep your own furnishings and carpets free of unwanted claw marks and scratches

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Find the perfect Vesper furniture for your cat

Making sure your cat keeps active is extremely important, especially if they stay indoors most of the time, so why not treat them to a... Show More

Making sure your cat keeps active is extremely important, especially if they stay indoors most of the time, so why not treat them to a piece of Vesper cat furniture? These accessories help encourage your kitty to move their bodies and stretch their muscles, both of which are needed in order for them to maintain their physical strength. Additionally, these pieces of furniture also provide your cat with the opportunity to be playful, have fun and relax.

In our collection of Vesper cat furniture, you can find a variety of different products to choose from, including scratch trees, towers, posts and much more. Each piece of furniture we offer has been made with your cat in mind, using durable, hard-wearing materials to ensure they can play safely, even when you’re not at home.

For the ultimate experience for your four-legged friend, check out our range of Vesper cat trees and towers. Take your pick from trees and towers in varying sizes, from tall styles with multiple platforms from which your cat can jump between, to smaller, more compact designs with shorter podiums that are ideal for kittens and smaller breeds to enjoy.

Available with a variety of features

All of our Vesper trees and towers offer lookout holes and compartment sections, offering your feline friend plenty of space to explore. Our cat trees and towers are available with different features, such as inbuilt scratch surfaces made from durable fabrics such as sisal or seagrass for your feline to safely dig their claws into, as well as designs with added playful details to help stimulate their senses, such as fluffy pom poms attached to string that is securely attached to the inside. You can also find Vesper cat trees and towers which include soft cushioned sections for your cat to curl up on for a moment of relaxation or to take a well deserved nap.

We also stock Vesper cat scratchers. Designed to sit on the floor, these accessories provide your cat with a low-lying but large surface on which they can claw and knead safely, making this style of activity centre ideal for kittens. We offer designs that can be positioned in different ways, offering a fun, new experience for your cat every time.

Vesper is a popular pet brand, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive high quality every time. To find out more about the Vesper cat furniture we offer, simply browse through the products on this page. Placing an order with us is easy, and we offer free delivery on all orders over £75.

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