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Here at Lords & Labradors we know that taking your new puppy away from his or her mum and siblings can be a stressful time for both puppy and owner. Our gorgeous little scent blankets are for popping in with the litter and then bringing home when you collect puppy.

• Helps settle in a new puppy
• Give to puppy whilst they are with mum to bring the scent of mum with them
• Pheromones from mum calm and relax your puppy
• Smooths the ‘moving home’ process
• Made from luxurious velvet and super soft sherpa fleece
•  Size Guide: 14" x 14"

Trials have shown that by doing this your puppy will have a much improved transition experience and will settle in easier and quicker. Your puppy will treasure their new blanket not just as a puppy but well into adulthood.

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