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Cat Litter Trays and Liners

Pet hygiene is an important part of your cat's wellbeing. Teaching your feline friend a stress-free toilet routine not only improves your cat's health, it prevents unwanted accidents around the house. It is important to litter train outdoor cats as well as indoor cats, as they won't always be outside. Our range of cat litter trays and liners will ensure you have everything you need to litter train your cat or kitten. We have litter trays in a range of sizes included large hooded trays for large breed cats such as Ragdolls and Maine Coons. We also have a range of litter tray liners that will make cleaning your tray as easy as possible; and premium quality cat litter to reduce odour.

Shop our range of quality cat litter trays, clumping cat litter, tray liners, scoops and deodourisers from brands including Catit, Trixie and Animal Instincts and Sanicat.

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Litter Training Accessories for Cats

Every cat, whether indoor or outdoor, needs to be litter trained. There ,maybe times where your outdoor cat needs to stay indoors for an extended... Show More

Every cat, whether indoor or outdoor, needs to be litter trained. There ,maybe times where your outdoor cat needs to stay indoors for an extended period of time, such as bad weather or illness, so having a litter tray is a must. We have everything at Lords & Labradors to make litter training easy. Most kittens will already be litter trained when you bring them home, so it’s a just a case of having all the right things and showing them where to toilet. We have sourced a range of cat litter trays in various sizes and shapes to suit every cat from tiny kittens all the way up to large breed adults such Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats. We also stock a full range of litter training accessories including litter tray liners, litter, mats, cat litter and odour control sprays. We’ve sourced all of these and more from the leading Cat Product brands arounds including Catit, Rosewood, Trixie and Petkit.

Cat Litter Trays

Our range of cat litter trays has a style and size to suit every kitten and cat. We have compact litter trays that are ideal for kittens and smaller adult cats. These are also perfect for anyone with smaller home or is short on space. At the opposite end of the spectrum we have large jumbo sized litter trays by Catit which are ideal for anyone with a large breed cat such as Ragdoll or a cat who likes to have the extra space. We have hooded cat litter trays which are a great option for many cats who tend to like their privacy. Hooded litter trays also hide unsightly litter and help to keep odours to a minimum.

If you are worried about odours, there is the Pura Air litter tray by Petkit which has an inbuilt mechanism to stop odours escaping form the tray. It also emits a pleasant fresh smelling fragrance - your litter tray should never smell again!

Cat Litter

Your cat litter tray isn’t complete without litter to put in it and we have a whole range of cat litters in various varieties. We stock premium cat litter by premium brands including Worlds’ Best, Sanicat and Cat’s Choice. We have Antibacterial cat litter, odour control cat litter, clumping and non clumping litter. Our favourite is the Clumping Cat litter by World’s Best. Clumping litter does exactly what it says on the tin; the litter clumps as soon as any urine or faeces touches it. Once the waste is covered in the litter, smells are kept to a bare minimum. The clumps are also really easy to scoop out, making cleaning out the tray a breeze. It also means the litter lasts longer than regular non-clumping types, as only the clumps need to be removed daily with a full change of litter only necessary once a week or so.    

Cat Litter Mats, Liners & Accessories

Alongside our range of litter trays and cat litter we have everything you need to make the litter tray as clean and hygienic as possible. We have liners that are great for non-clumping litters so you can grab and remove the full amount of litter in one go - makes cleaning a breeze! We also have litter tray mats that sit under and around the tray. When cats kick the litter to cover their business, loose litter can often get kicked out of the tray. Our litter mats are designed to collect any loose litter that might escape and stop it spreading over your floor. They also grab any loose litter that might be attached to your cat’s paws as they leave the tray.

Alongside these essentials are a range of sprays and odour neutralisers to help stop any unwanted smells or odours around the litter tray.

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