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Cat Calming Spray & First Aid Kit

Everyone wants the best for their pets. Keeping them happy and healthy is our number one priority. At Lords & Labradors we offer a number of cat calming sprays and diffusers to keep in your cat first aid kit for those times when they need help beating anxiety. Our all-natural cat relaxing sprays are made by top brands such as Pet Remedy and Feliway.  They’re designed to make your cats feel relaxed and stress-free in a number of different high-anxiety situations.


Discover these and other pet remedies that are ideal to keep in your cat first aid kit. We have products for all kinds of ailments and conditions including hairball relievers and treats for urinary tract support. Whatever your cat’s condition, there are products to help promote health and vitality.


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Keep your cat calm and stress-free

Our pets can grow anxious and show signs of nerves for a number of reasons and in various situations. It... Show More

Our pets can grow anxious and show signs of nerves for a number of reasons and in various situations. It may be a first trip to the vet; fireworks going off outside; their first car journey; or moving to a new home. Whatever the case, our need to help them stay calm and relaxed is the same. There are a number of things that we can do to help our felines calm down and feel relaxed. Making them feel safe is your top priority. It might be a cosy blanket in their bed or even a hooded style cat bed where they feel protected.

Sometimes you need more than this though and that is where our natural calming products come in. Brands like Pet Remedy and Feliway by Ceva have created all-natural calming products to help relieve your cat’s stress levels in different situations.

Cat Relaxing Sprays and Plug-in Diffusers

Pet Remedy make a series of products aimed at different situations. Alongside their standard pet calming sprays and diffusers, they also have New Home and Travel kits. The products contain lots of natural oils that are 100% pet safe.     

We also love Feliway Diffusers. These are targeted at cats specifically and should help in all kinds of situations. If your cat scratches places that he shouldn’t, or sprays around the home due to nerves, then a Feliway diffuser may just be the remedy. There is also a Feliway Friends diffuser that can be used if you are introducing a second cat to your home. This should help cats to get used to their new family members.

Whatever the situation there is a product that aims to help. Discover these and more cat first-aid products in our online shop. Don’t forget that you can qualify for free delivery if you spend over £75!

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