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Wild Bird Food and Bird Feeders

Birds bring life and colour to our gardens as well as a continuous melody of bird song. From goldfinches and waxwings in winter, to blue tits and great tits in Summer, our gardens come alive with these feathered friends. Our range of premium bird feed will encourage a host of birds to visit. We’ve sourced the highest quality, nutritionally balanced bird foods that are full of nuts, seeds and other ingredients to offer birds a healthy diet.

Alongside the bird foods we have a range of bird feeders, feeding dishes, bird baths and tables, so that you can create a garden environment that they will love. Your garden will soon be awash with beautiful colour and bird song!

Shop our collection of quality bird food and feeding accessories online. We offer a number of shipping options including free UK delivery on orders over £75!

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Wild Bird Food and Bird Feeders

There’s nothing quite like the flutter of wild birds flitting in and out of your garden - and now you... Show More

There’s nothing quite like the flutter of wild birds flitting in and out of your garden - and now you can entice these feathered friends back to your outdoor space time and time again with the help of our fantastic range of wild bird food and feeders.

Wild birds are known and loved for bringing life, colour and even melody to gardens of all shapes and sizes. From swifts seeking warmer climates during the spring to red-breasted robins pottering around in the frost during winter, we offer everything you’ll need to encourage birds of all species to visit your home.

High quality, nutritionally balanced bird food

We offer a wide range of high quality, nutritionally balanced and all-natural food, meaning you’re able to offer the birds that visit your outdoor space a healthy, delicious diet.

You can take your pick from a selection of different foods, including dried mealworms for birds. A popular hit with robins, blue tits, chaffinches and song thrushes, mealworms are high in energy and protein, and they’re the closest you can get to a bird’s natural diet.

We also offer peanut kernels for birds, which are said to attract coal tits and house sparrows. Our range also includes suet cakes containing added vitamins and minerals that all birds need for a healthy diet, as well as energy balls enriched with sunflower seeds.

Bird feeders for your feathered friends

Create a welcoming space for your visiting feathered friends with a garden bird feeder. Available in an array of styles, you will be able to find a suitable feeder that will not only encourage birds to spend time in your outdoor space, but one that complements your overall garden decor too.

You can choose from styles that have been designed to hold specific types of bird food, such as energy ball feeders and peanut feeders.

We also offer feeding dishes, in addition to wall hanging bird feeders. Why not opt for a dual feeder? This design allows you to offer two types of seed at once. If you’re keen to keep other garden visitors at bay, we also stock squirrel proof bird feeders.

Aside from being practical in offering bird food, our feeders are stylish and decorative, featuring intricate detailing with beautiful, antique finishes. What’s more, all of our bird feeders are easy to use. In most cases, all you need to do is remove a lid to fill the feeder. They include a removable tray for easy cleaning too.

Quality you can trust

We make sure that we only offer high quality bird food. You can trust our products will provide the birds visiting your garden with the best, all-natural diet they need to live healthily and happily, in addition to well-made feeders to provide your visitors with somewhere comfortable to perch.

At Lords & Labradors, we are proud stockists of Peckish bird food and feeders. The Peckish bird seed we offer uses 100% natural ingredients, as well as eco-friendly packaging. You can also choose from a selection of Peckish-branded feeders, promising premium quality that’s guaranteed to last for years to come.

Browse this page to find out more about the wild bird seed and feeders we offer.

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