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Raw Hide Free Treats

Our dogs mean everything to us and we all like to spoil them every now and then. Giving our dogs a tasty treat is a lovely way to show our appreciation and also to reward them for good behaviour. There are many dog treats out there in a variety of forms, but some may contain rawhide which isn’t always the best option for our dogs. The risks of rawhide are small, but are nonetheless there. So if you’re worried about choking or digestive hazards posed by rawhide, then we have a whole range of rawhide alternatives for dogs that you may prefer.  Our raw hide free treats come in a range of different flavours, shapes and sizes with a treat to suit all breeds of dog available.

Shop our range of rawhide free dog treats and chews online at Lords & Labradors. We ship worldwide and offer free delivery to all UK orders over £75!

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Tasty Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

We all love to treat our dogs. Giving them tasty treats isn’t just about showing them our appreciation, but... Show More

We all love to treat our dogs. Giving them tasty treats isn’t just about showing them our appreciation, but chewing is also good for their teeth and gums and can be a boredom reliever. There are many types of dog chews and sticks on the market, but they’re not all necessarily the best option for your dog. Many dog owners prefer to find chews that don’t contain rawhide. If you’re looking for rawhide alternatives, then look no further. We have a brilliant selection of rawhide free dog treats from leading brands such as Earth Animal, Antos and Lily’s Kitchen that have your dog’s health in mind. They come in a range of different sizes too, so that you can find the perfect chew for your breed and size of dog.

Why rawhide free?

Rawhide is made up of dried animal skins that is prepared as a chew for dogs. They can come in different shapes and sizes and can sometimes come with added flavour. The problem can be that some rawhide can be contaminated with bacteria if not produced properly and it can also pose a choking risk. Not only this, but some pup’s may be allergic to it.

That’s why we offer a variety of rawhide free dog chews and treats that offer the same chewing goodness, but without the risks associated with it. Chewing is great for your dog’s teeth and is a brilliant stress-reliever. Some dogs will chew for hours and hours, so finding a good quality treat is a must for many.

Shop our selection of raw hide free chews and sticks online at Lords & Labradors. Remember, we offer free delivery on UK orders over £75!

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