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  • A first aid kit created by Vets
  • Stylish, water resistant & durable bag to hold everything
  • Glows in the dark to find easily on the go
  • Includes over 40 quality items
  • Great for traveling and walks!
  • Suitable for cats and dogs

Product Description

Set Includes:

1 x Step-by-step illustrated guide for common emergencies

1 x 5ml syringe

2 x Saline pods

1 x Iodine pads

5 x Sterile gauze swabs

1 x Abdominal pad

2 x Non-adhesive wound dressings

Padded bandages (1 large, 1 small) - 1st bandage layer

Conforming bandages (1 large, 1 small) - 2nd bandage layer

'Vet wraps'(1 large, 1 small) - 3rd bandage layer

1 x Bandage scissors - for cutting bandage material

1 x Microporous tape - for securing bandages

4 x Emergency waste bags - for disposing of waste / cover paw bandages

2 x Tick removers - for removing ticks

2 x Latex-free gloves - to protect you and your pet from infection

1 x Tweezers - for removing things like splinters and glass

1 x Nail clippers - for clipping paws

1 x Styptic stick - to stop minor bleeding, great for torn nails

1 x Digital thermometer - for taking your pet's temperature

1 x Foil blanket - to warm your pet up

1 x Ice pack - to reduce swelling of a suspected sprain, slow bleeding, cool overheated animals, or reduce inflammation from bee or wasp stings

1 x Carabiner - to clip kit to your backpack or belt


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