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Luxury Cat Beds, Collars, and Accessories

Discover a fantastic range of practical and stylish cat products in the Lords & Labradors Cat Emporium. Your felines will love taking a nap in our super cosy luxury cat beds or keeping themselves entertained with our scratch posts and trees. We also stock quality grooming materials designed to keep your cat looking fabulous and all of the everyday essentials you need for your pet's daily routine.

Lords & Labradors is the purrfect place to get all of the cat products you need, especially with our free delivery on all orders over £75. Explore our cat collections today and discover top products from the best brands in the industry.

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Luxury Beds, Collars & Accessories for Cats

At Lords & Labradors we created our cat Emporium so that you can get all the things you need for your kitten or adult cat... Show More

At Lords & Labradors we created our cat Emporium so that you can get all the things you need for your kitten or adult cat in one place. We have cat beds, blankets and bedding for sleeping; cat bowls feeding mats, food and treats for dinner time; cat collars; cat grooming products and so much more. We’ve tried to select the best quality pet items we can, from some of the leading pet brands around, including KONG, Danish Design, Catit, Vesper, Trixie, Rosewood and Hiro+Wolf. You’ll find all the things you need to look after your cat from kitten through to adulthood.

Luxury Cat Beds & Bedding

Our Cat Collection includes some of the most cosy cat beds we could find. We have donut cat beds with sherpa fleece tops as well as hooded cat beds for cats who love to feel safe and protected when they sleep. Whatever kind of decor you have, you find a stylish cat bed to suit your home.

Cat Scratch Posts & Trees

Cats love to scratch! It isn’t a bad behaviour, but rather instinctual; a way for them to sharpen their claws, remove the dead husks fro them and also stretch - cats are little athletes and use this time to stretch out their muscles. We have a range of cat scratch furniture including scratching posts, trees and platforms for your cat to scratch and to help stop them scratching furniture or carpets.

Cat Toys & Playtime

Playtime isn’t just fun for cats it actually stimulates natural instincts within your feline. Hunting and chasing are two things that your cat is naturally programmed to do so providing toys that allow them to this will keep their minds stimulated and their bodies exercised. We have a range of cat toys including cat mice, catnip balls, feather teasers and wand toys, from brands including Catit and KONG. If you have an indoor cat you should definitely check out the Catit sense range of toys. These interactive cat toys create the ultimate playground for your feline family members.

Luxury Cat Collars & Accessories

Is your cat and outdoor cat? If so you may want to consider buying them a cat collar. Our range of luxury cat collars all feature safety breakaway buckles, in case they get it caught whilst climbing trees; and they all have rings for attaching ID tags in case your   cat gets lost.

Cat Food & Feeding

Mealtime is one of the most important parts of your cat’s day. We have sourced a range of premium quality dry food and wet food for cats that are all full of nutritious ingredients. Our pet foods include tasty recipes by Lily’s Kitchen, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved and Iams.

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