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As cat owners we know our felines are particular about where they relieve themselves. To keep your home clean and fresh, you’ll need to select a litter tray carefully and with your feline in mind. Keep in mind the design, size, shape and feature as this can make or break your cat’s toilet habits. But what are the different types of litter trays? And what is best for your cat?

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The Cat Washroom

The Lords & Labradors Cat Washroom is a multi-functional pet house that can be used for cats or small breed dogs. Use with a litter tray to turn the Washroom into an attractive cat loo. The Washroom will hide unsightly litter trays and also contain any litter that escapes the tray when your cat covers her business. The handy shelf can be used to store other pet products such as shampoos; store a towel or perhaps a cat litter scoop and other essentials. Alternatively, decorate with a vase or ornament so the cat house becomes a functional piece of furniture.

  • Available in Two Colours

    Choose between white or grey to fit in with any home interior.

  • Shelf For Storage

    Finish with home accessories to make the litter tray as discreet as possible.

  • Litter Tray Included

    Includes a complimentary litter tray that fits perfectly in the base.

  • Simple Assembly

    Includes instructions and hardware for a simple assembly.