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Everything You Need For Your New Miniature Schnauzer Puppy


Everything You Need For Your New Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

Are you thinking of getting a Miniature Schnauzer puppy? They are a small, intelligent breed, that are friendly and easy to train. All of these traits make them extremely popular pets with people  around the world. Here we take a look at the history of the Miniature Schnauzer nd take a look at everything you will need if you’re going to choose one as your next pet!


miniature schnauzer stands on a hay bale in a field


The History of the Miniature Schnauzer

The Standard Schnauzer was first bred in Germany in the early 19th century with the miniature coming along around the late 1880’s. It is thought that the smallest of the Standard Schnauzer breed were crossed with smaller breeds such Miniature poodles to form what we know today as the Miniature Schanuzer. They were originally bred into a smaller form for ratting, but would soon become a popular pet around the world.


Miniature Schanuzers are known for their square shaped build, double coat with wiry topcoat and soft undercoat and their signature rectangular head with bushy beard. They come in four coat colours; Black, White, Salt and Pepper, and Pure White.


Miniature Schnauzers do require regular grooming; something to think about if you’re considering one as a pet. Their signature groom cut is achieved by either clipping or stripping and is recommended every 6-8 weeks or so.


Miniature Schnauzer Cactus Oilcloth Crate Set


The Miniature Schnauzer Shopping List

So you’re getting a new puppy? Here we discuss everything you will need for your new Miniature Schnauzer puppy…


30” Dog crate

Crate training your puppy will really help them to settle in to their new home quickly and efficiently. Crating isn’t a punishment, but gives your pup a space of their own, away form the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. A 30” deluxe dog crate is ideal for a Miniature Schnauzer from puppyhood through to adulthood. To begin with you can put a puppy bed in one side and a puppy pad in the other just whilst pup is training, and then swap out to a full size bed once pup has grown and is fully potty trained.

silver dog crate by Lords & Labradors  black dog crate by Lords & Labradors


Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Bed

Choose a puppy bed that will fit in one half of the crate. We’d suggest either the Snuggle Plush bed in a medium for a Miniature Schnauzer, or one of our very own Puppy Half Crate Beds - designed to fit exactly one half of the crate. When puppy is fully trained, you can use the bed elsewhere in the house as a stand-alone bed and buy a full size cushion for the crate.

snuggle plush puppy bed Mutts & Hounds donut bed  Lords & Labradors Half Crate Puppy Bed

Puppy Blanket

Puppies love to snuggle; it is comforting to nervous new pups and makes them feel safe. We’d suggest buying a scent blanket at first. Give it to your breeder a couple of weeks before you pick up your pup. It can be left with Mum for a while and then when you collect pup, you can bring the scent blanket with them. The comforting smell of Mum will come home with them and help them to feel content in their new surroundings.


As pup grows up, size up to a full size dog blanket. Our luxury velvet blankets are lined in cosy sherpa and make ideal additions to your dog’s crate or bed. They are also ideal to pop in your travel crate or carrier on trips to the Vet.

puppy scent blanketLords & Labradors Luxury Velvet and Sherpa Dog Blanket  Luxury Faux Fur Puppy Blanket

Oilcloth Dog Crate Cover

The perfect crate set-up for a puppy includes a dog crate cover. Our favourite type for puppies are the oilcloth versions as they are so easy to wipe down and clean. A crate cover is a really practical addition to the crate as it helps to make nervous pups feel safe, whilst also helping them adjust to their new night-time routine.


Honey Bee Oilcloth dog crate cover     Cactus print oilcloth dog crate cover    Flamboyant Flamingo oilcloth dog crate cover

Puppy Snuggle Toys

Ensuring puppy is comfortable and trying to settle them will be your main priority when you first bring them home. Soft plush toys for dogs are ideal as they can be played with when puppy is feeling playful, but also offer snuggles at bedtime. We absolutely love the Heartbeat Sheep by All For Paws as it has a heartbeat that mimics mum’s own. This will help calm nervous pups. There are also a wonderful range of soft toys by KONG, all of which will offer your puppy a soft hug when they need one!

heartbeat sheep for puppies  Little BuddyWarm Bear  KONG Cozie Tupper Sheep

Puppy Teething Toys

Puppy can chew for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is out of boredom, sometimes curiosity, but mainly when they are teething. Provide your puppy with a range of chew toys from the beginning and they should choose to chew them rather than their bedding. Our favourite chew toys for puppies are by KONG. KONG make really tough toys that will withstand even the most persistent chewers!

BioSafe teething ring KONG Puppy Binkie Animal Instincts Chewie Stick


Schnauzer Dog Bowls

Feeding time will be one of your dog's favourite times of the day, so make sure they do it in style! We’d suggest the Ellie-Bo crate bowls as they can be attached to the bars of your dog’s crate and will help prevent spillages. For outside the crate we love the melamine pet bowls by Tarhong. They come in an array of wonderful colours and patterns and have coordinating scoops, treat tins and placemats too!



Ellie-Bo Pair of Crate Bowls    Tarhong Dog Bowl  gibraltar double wall pet bowl


Dog Grooming Tools

Your Miniature Schnauzer will need regular grooming as they grow up. When they are older you may well want to invest in regular trips to a professional groomer to keep them in tip top condition and looking their best. It’s important to get them used to grooming from puppyhood though, with daily brushing and regular bath times. Animology make a range of super puppy shampoos and conditioners. We’d also suggest buying a slicker brush and then maybe the double sided slicker brush by Mutts & Hounds as they grow up.



animology puppy love shampooAnimology Puppy Fresh SprayMutts & Hounds double sided slicker brush

Dog Walking Accessories

One of the most important parts of your puppy’s development will be lead training. Make sure you’re prepared by having a well fitted harness or collar and a lead. Also keep treats with you and some poo bags. When you first start lead training we’d suggest using a harness as it gives comfort to your pup and will distribute the pressure if your pup pulls in the early stages. The Hi & Light Harness is perfect for training puppies as it is so lightweight. We'd probably suggest the XXS, but do check the measurements and cross reference with your puppy - puppies, like humans, can vary a little a size!

Ruffwear Hi & Light HarnessRuffwear Front Range Lead - Black  Ruffwear Hoopie Collar

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