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Everything You Need For Your New Siamese Kitten


Getting a kitten is super exciting and bringing a cat into your family adds a whole new dynamic to the household! If you’ve chosen to get a Siamese kitten then you will be welcoming an intelligent, friendly cat into your home. Here we look at the history of the breed and then go on to list all the things you will need to prepare for their arrival.


cute siamese kitten lying on the bed


The History of the Siamese Cat

The Siamese is one of the oldest breeds of cat, native to Thailand, which became one of the most popular breeds across America and Europe in the 19th Century. Descended from the Wichienmaat Landrace, a description of the Siamese can be found in the Tanra Maew, or The Cat Book of Poems, which is thought to originate from the Ayuttaya period between 1351 and 1767 AD.


The first documented Siamese in the US was received by president Hayes in 1878; the first pair in Britain were brought back in 1884 by Edward Gould. It is thought that every Siamese cat born in Britain today is a descendant of these and nine other cats brought to this country at the time.


Today the breed is known for its distinctive image; with its slender body, triangular head, large almond shaped eyes and colour point markings. The Siamese is born with a pure cream coat with dark markings appearing at the cooler extremities of their body as they age. They tend to be super affectionate cats, loving their owners and companionship from both humans and other cats. They tend to be quite playful too. Another trait they are known for is their vocal aptitude; they can extremely vocal when they are looking for attention with a loud, low pitched voice often compared to that of a baby!


Siamese cats do love company and if you work or are out of the house often, it may be wise to acquire them as a pair.


siamese kitten


Everything You Need to Buy for your New Siamese Cat

Cat Carrier

First and foremost you will need to transport your new Siamese Kitten home safely. Whether it’s a short journey or a long one, a good quality cat carrier is essential. Choose a cat carrier which is large enough for your kitten to grow into as an adult, and can be safely belted into the backseat of the car. It's also worth noting where the openings are as most have a really practical top opening. The top opening is an ideal feature for nervous new kittens, especially when you first take them to the vet.


Cat Blanket

One tip we often tell prospective kitten and puppy owners is to leave a blanket with their new arrival whilst they still live with Mum. This blanket will keep the smell of Mum and litter mates when you bring them home and help to give them comfort in their new environment. A small scent blanket might be the ideal option as it is small and compact and can be popped in the carrier with kitten when you collect them. You could then size up to a full cat sized blanket which will make a really cosy addition to their bed. We make a wonderful range of cat blankets in velvet, teddy fleece and faux fur. You may find it hard to decide on your favourite!      


Cat Bed

We all know how much cats love to catnap! Cats can be fickle creatures and, no matter whether you provide them with a bed or not, they will likely enjoy curling up in all kinds of spots around the house; probably the sunny windowsill or arm of the sofa! We’d still suggest providing them with their own bed though - somewhere soft and cosy that is a place of their own to retreat to. We stock a wide range of cat beds, all with super squishy, plush fabrics that cats will love to snooze in.


cat sitting in a donut bed looking up at the camera grey plaid cat igloo in a homely setting


Cat Litter Tray & Accessories

The likelihood is that your Siamese kitten will be an indoor cat. But even if you plan to let them outside it’s best to have a litter tray indoors as well. Our Lords & Labradors Cat washroom has been designed to disguise your cat’s litter tray and to look like a piece of furniture. You can pop a regular litter tray inside and store accessories on the shelf. A really practical and stylish way to house your litter tray. Don’t forget to buy a litter scoop for cleaning day. We’d suggest a good quality clumping litter to make cleaning really simple and reduce the amount of mess and waste.


Cat Washroom grey cat washroom


Cat Bowls

You’ll need at least two pet bowls for food and water. You may want a third so you can feed wet and dry food. Choose a shallow design meaning they’re whisker friendly. Here at Lords & Labradors we have a range of super stylish additions to your kitchen!

cat drinking out of a cat cactus saucer  


Cat Scratch Post

A scratch post is an essential item for all cat owners. As your Siamese is likely to be an indoor cat, we’d suggest something quite large so they can climb, exercise, stretch, lounge and scratch. Scratching is an important part of a cat’s routine ensuring their claws stay healthy and the dead husks are removed. It’s also when they stretch out their muscles - it’s important to encourage them to do it in the right places, rather than prohibit them from doing it at all. Choose a scratch tree with plenty of platforms and a little hideaway and it might just become their favourite place to lounge!


Cat Toys

Siamese kittens tend to be playful, even into adulthood. Provide them with plenty of catnip toys so they can play games of hunt and chase. You may even be able to teach them a game of fetch. If they will be indoor cats, giving them plenty of things to do to keep them occupied and keep boredom at bay is really important. The range of cat toys by KONG are particularly good as many of them have catnip refills. Alternatively, Catit make a wonderful range of toys; their catnip toys will keep your cat playing for hours, whilst the Catit Senses Range of toys is designed to appeal with all of your cats unique senses in mind.


Catit senses toys


Cat Grooming Accessories

Siamese cats are short haired and will take only minimal grooming. It’s still a good idea to brush them every now and then as it will provide bonding time for you both whilst keeping their skin and coat healthy. A soft slicker brush is ideal as it will massage as well as comb the hair.


Cat Collar

Cat Collars aren’t essential, but you may choose to put a collar on your cat for aesthetics and in case they go missing (you might want to add a name tag with your contact details). Choose a collar with a safety feature so it will easily come undone if the collar gets caught. There are even matching bow ties you can match to the collar for that added pizazz. Bow ties are perfect for special occasion events like Christmas and birthdays when you want your cat to look their very best for the camera!


Pet Calming Products

These may not be an essential, but it can be beneficial to keep a pet calming spray or plug-in-diffuser handy at times when your cat might get nervous. Moving home itself can be stressful for nervous kittens. We like the pet calming products by Pet Remedy. They are made of pet safe natural oils and will help keep your bundle of joy relaxed and calm.


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