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Everything You Need For Your New Miniature Dachshund


Everything You Need For Your New Miniature Dachshund

The Dachshund breed has existed since the 16th Century and was developed in Germany. The name derives from the German words dachs (badger ) and hund (dog). Smaller Dachshunds were sought after to be used on European hare which lived in small burrows. At first these miniature Dachshunds were just the smallest of their litter, but later Miniature Dachshunds were bred intentionally through the time consuming process of selective breeding. Originally bred to hunt, but now just as popular as family pets, Miniature Dachshunds are highly intelligent, active dogs who make devoted members of the family. An ever popular companion to many, we have compiled a list of everything you need for your new Miniature Dachshund…


Miniature Dachshund  Miniature Dachshunds

Dog Walking Accessories

Dachshunds are active dogs and benefit from walks and exercise. The important thing is to find a harness suitable for the small frame of your mini dachshund. We love the range from. Ruffwear. The XXS Hi & Light Harness is ideal and then you can size up as your puppy grows. Match with the Ruffwear Front Range Lead and you have the ideal walking set for a miniature dachshund. 

ruffwear high and light harness  ruffwear front range lead ruffwear front range harness


If you would like something more luxury, then the rolled leather collars and leads by Dogs & Horses are perfect. They are handcrafted in Britain from supple leather and come in a variety of colours. Simply stunning!

dogs and horse rolled leather collar in red dogs and horses  rolled leather dog lead


Dog Car Booster Seat

Travelling your dog safely in the car is an important consideration for all dog owners. The award winning Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat is ideal for small breeds. The tether attaches to your dogs harness (the matching Kurgo True-Fit Harness is a good option) to keep them secure and the seat sits high on the car seat so your pup can see where they are going on their travels. Easy-to-fit and collapsible the Skybox will make journeys both safe and fun for your pup.


Minkeys Tweed Dog Coat

A coat is a must for all Dachshunds; both practical and stylish they will keep their tummies warm. Minkeys Tweed design and make beautiful coats for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Crafted from pure Scottish Tweed and handmade in the UK, each coat is made-to-order and can be tailored to your dogs specific size; perfect for long-bodied Dachshunds. Available in an array of Tweed designs with either matching or contrasting belts.

 Kurgo Skybox  Minkeys Tweed Coat   


Toys for Miniature Dachshunds

Every  puppy, no matter their breed, need an array of toys. Toys aren't just fun, but can also help with teething and puppy development in general. Playtime will prevent boredom which can lead to destructive behaviour. Our range of toys will ensure your puppy has plenty of fun!


1. Heartbeat Sheep for puppy snuggles.

2. KONG puppy for chewing and teething puppies.

3. Beco Ball for chasing.


Little Buddy Heartbeat Sheep KONG Puppy toy KONG Squeakair tennis balls


Dog Crate, Cover, Cushion and Bumper Set

Our crate sets are an essential for anyone looking to crate-train their new puppy and, with the addition of our lovely L&L bedding, will make a beautiful covered bed to use through adulthood. We suggest a cushion with bumper which will create a wall of cosiness around the inside of the crate for them to cuddle up to when sleeping. The addition of a matching cover will create a truly cosy, den-like experience. Available in a range of gorgeous fabric such as our exclusive  Hyde Park and Central Park; there is a Crate Cover Set to suit all styles of interior.



miniature dachshund in a small grey spot crate set    miniature dachshund in a small honey bee crate set by lords & labradors


And how about a little dachshund inspired gift for yourself…

…as the proud owner of a new Miniature Dachshund?! Our Lords & Labradors Homewares collection features a stunning dachshund inspired Silly Sausages’ print. The set includes a double oven glove, apron, tea towel, canvas tote bag and mug. Each item is available to buy individually or together as a gift set.

Silly Sausages Homeware Collection  Silly Sausages Canvas Tote  Silly Sausages mug    

These are just a few essentials we’d suggest for all new miniature Dachshund owners. Of course, it isn’t a definitive list, rather a list of key items to suit this lovely breed specifically. Perhaps you’d like to know more about a product mentioned here, or you’d like further advice about other accessories you may need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

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