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How to wash your pet bedding


How to wash your pet bedding

Keeping your pets bedding clean and smelling fresh will not only benefit you and your pooch, it’ll also prolong the life of your pet’s well loved bed. Here at Lords and Labradors, we know being able to wash your pet’s bedding is important, as our furry friends can get their beds messy from muddy paw prints, to treats/chews being hidden inside of their bed! If you have any questions about your Lords and Labradors bedding, please do contact us and we’re happy to answer any queries you may have.

Crate Cover

Taking care of your crate cover means it’ll keep it looking fresh for longer! To wash, just turn the cover inside out and wash on a 20º, gentle cycle in the washing machine. The fabric will just need to air dry, by placing it somewhere flat and not in direct sunlight - you could even lay it over the crate so it dries in its shape. Once dry, you can cool-iron/steam inside out to remove any unsightly creases. Do not machine wash oilcloth covers.

Crate Cushion and Crate Bumpers

Washing your crate cushions and bumpers are easy, simply unzip the cover, and remove the waterproof liner from the cushion too. You can wipe clean the waterproof liner and air out the cushion whilst you pop the cushion cover/crate bumper cover into the washing machine at 20º on a gentle cycle - don’t forget to turn the covers inside out before doing so! Allow the covers to air dry, and do not tumble dry.


Cockapoo in our high wall regency stripe  Red Norjack Terrier outside of our Crate Cover in Savanna Stone
Pictured: High Wall Bed for Dogs - Spots and Stripes (left), Dog Crate Set in Savanna Stone (right)



With the right care your bed will continue to look beautiful for years! Wash your bed on a 20º gentle machine wash to maintain colour. Our fabric is super fast drying and often will come out of the spin almost dry! It’ll just need a bit of airing, a good shake and it will be ready to be used again.


Your Lords & Labradors blanket can be popped into the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 20º - the blankets are quick to dry once laid flat, do not lay over a hot radiator and do not tumble dry.


Red Norjack Terrier asleep on a savanna sofa topper  Black Labrador asleep on a Natural Herringbone sofa topper
Pictured: Lords & Labradors Luxury Savanna Sofa Topper (left), Lords & Labradors Luxury Herringbone Tweed Sofa Topper (right)

Sofa Toppers

Our sofa toppers are easy to wash - you don’t need to put the whole topper in the wash - only the cover. Simply remove the cover by unzipping the back, slide the inner out, turn the cover inside out and pop into a gentle wash at 20º. Once washed, lay flat if you can to air dry - this shouldn’t take too long and then you can return your beautiful sofa topper to your comfortable sofa!

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