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Our Favourite Dog Toys For The Park And The Beach


The lockdown rules and regulations have recently been relaxed in England which means some of us can now leave our homes for extended periods to exercise more. As long as we keep to strict social distancing measures we can now take a trip to the coast, or to other places of natural beauty which means longer dog walks and play dates with our four legged friends. This week we thought we’d talk about some of our favourite dog toys to take to the park or the beach, as well as some fabulous accessories. We’ve been indoors for a couple of months so why not treat your pup to a new throwing toy or harness?!


golden retriever running along the beach


The Best Dog Toys for the Beach

If you find yourself on a quiet beach, these throwing toys are ideal for a great game of fetch. We’d suggest something bright so you don’t easily lose it, and something that can float so you can extend your games into the water. We have a great selection of choices that would be ideal.


Chuckit Tennis Balls - These ultra tough tennis balls are designed specifically with dogs in mind, with the same shape as a regular tennis ball but being much more durable. The bright neon orange colour will be easy to spot from metres away and they even float so are great for playtime near the sea. If you have the beach to yourself why not combine with the Chuckit Ball Launcher to get even more distance out of your throw?!


Chuckit Tennis balls for dogsChuckit tennis ball launcher


Chuckit Rugged Flyer -  The rugged flyer is a tough frisbee designed for exciting games of catch. It has a a rigid body with small indentations that are designed to give your dog better grip. The aerodynamic shape means it will fly through the air for quite a distance; and it can float meaning it is the ideal dog frisbee toy for the beach!


chcukit rugged flyer dog throwing toydog frisbee- chuck it rugged flyer


Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Rock in Dandelion Yellow - It is no secret that we love the Ruffwear brand. They are known for their tough, durable outdoorsy range of products. The range of “Gnawt-a..” toys is no less impressive, being Made of super tough materials that will last. This Gnawt-a-stick is bright and sunny so will show up easily in most settings and it can float. Not only this, but you can stuff with treats for an extra tasty dimension to playtime. Perfect for runs along your favourite coast line!


ruffwear dog chew toyruffwear dog chew throwing toy


Find some other things we think you should take to the beach with your dog in our Beachtime Collection here!


The Best Dog Toys for the Park

Now that many of our open spaces are opening back up again, afternoons in the park might be more common for many of us. Longer walks and more time outdoors mean more exercise for you and your pet. We suggest taking some fun toys with you so you can make the most of having the extra room again. It will be less crucial that you choose toys that can float, opening up the options here.



dog running through the park


Beco Ball on a Rope - Beco make winderful, eco-friendly dog toys. This ball on a rope comes in a few different colours and two sizes. The rope allows you to throw the toy greater distances than a regular ball, and could be used for games of tug too. The whole toy is made from naturally toxin free materials so it’s good for the environment not to mention loads of fun!!


beco hoop on a rope dog toybeco ball on a rope dog toy


Nerf Trackshot Launcher Duck - This Nerf dog toy can be launched up to 75 feet making it ideal for playtime in the park. Made of a tear resistant woven nylon with PU rubber coating that will ensure it can withstand your dogs teeth. Your dog will get loads of exercise running and chasing after this!


Nerf tracjshot launcher duck - dog toy


Nerf Tennis Ball BlasterIt’s well known that dogs love tennis balls and Nerf have a great range of tough and durable tennis balls designed specifically for your canine friends. Take you games of fetch to the next level with this tennis ball blaster. This is great for places like the park where there is lots of open wide spaces. It’ll launch your tennis balls further than a regular throw making it even more fun for your dog.


nerf tennis ball blasternerf tennis ball blaster


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Don’t forget your other Dog Travel Accessories too!

The slight ease in the lockdown restrictions means you may be able to stay out for a whole afternoon. As long as you can socially isolate when you’re out and about, a picnic in the park may well be possible. Don’t forget to take your other travel things with you in case you're out of the house for an extended period of time. If its a day at the beach you might want to take your dog’s drying coat and some wipes to clean them off after a dip in the sea. If it’s a day at the park you might take along a travel bag with dog food and water so your dog can join in the picnic fun.


You might want to upgrade your walking accessories too. A good quality harness such as the Ruffwear Front Range harness is ideal for outdoor expeditions a it’s durable and sturdy. Match with a Hoopie collar and lead and your all set!


Cockapoo wearing a Ruffwear walking set including a front range harness and lead


Remember to Stay Safe and Responsible When Exercising Your Dog

The ease in restrictions, is just that, it doesn’t mean the lockdown is over. Always make sure you keep yourself and others safe; stick to social distancing guidelines and enjoy the great outdoors in safety. Whilst we’ve suggested some great toys to play with on the beach and in the park, do make sure you use them in a responsible manner. If you get to a busy beach it might be best to stay in the car or just stick to a short walk. Save the toys for a quieter day or a less busy beach.

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