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The Best Dog Chew Toys


Puppy Labrador with a KONG Classic chew toy

Playtime has so many benefits for puppies and dogs. It helps them to learn, encourages brain development, stops boredom creeping in and, when it includes human interaction, allows you to spend precious time with your pup. In previous articles we have discussed some of our favourite squeaky toys and plush toys; now it’s time to explore some of our favourite chew toys for dogs.

Dog chew toys are brilliant boredom busters for older dogs and are also ideal for teething puppies. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours that all offer something slightly different. If you’re looking for some new toys for your dog’s toys box, then take a look at our list of top chew toys for dogs.


Our Favourite Chew Toys and Teethers for Puppies

We’ll start with chew toys for puppies as these are some of the first toys you’ll buy as a puppy owner. Chew toys always pop up on our puppy essentials lists as they are such practical items. We suggest using them when you’re crate training your puppy to encourage them not to chew their bedding; and they’re also a must when it comes to teething. Puppies go through a similar teething phase to human babies when they’ll want to chew and suck on things to soothe their aching gums. Our selection of puppy teethers will help to relieve the discomfort and keep boredom at bay too.

Puppy playing with a blue KONG Goodie Bone toy


Here are our favourites:

KONG Goodie Bone - We all know KONG for their super durable toys that are designed and made especially for chewing. Their puppy range is made with small jaws and new teeth in mind. This bone is ideal for teething puppies and can be stuffed with treats to make play time tasty too! Available in pink or blue

KONG Puppy - No list of chew toys is complete without a classic KONG toy. This version is designed especially for puppies in a smaller, easier-to-bite size. Try stuffing with some KONG squirty treat for an edible treat at playtime. Available in pink or blue.

KONG Binkie - You can’t really have too many KONG toys and this one is in the shape of a child’s dummy - what could be cuter than that?!

KONG Goodie BoneKONG Puppy chew toyKONG Binkie puppy chew toy

Rosewood Biosafe Puppy Ball - The Biosafe range of toys by Rosewood have lots of great features. They are made of anti-microbial materials and feature a minty scent to stimulate your pup’s senses. Plus, they are tough, so will withstand copious amounts of chewing. We’ve chosen the ball for our list of favourites as it can be used for gentle games of fetch too. We like the ridged surface, which will help to stimulate tiny gums. Available in pink or blue.

All for Paws Little Buddy Puppifier - Another cute dummy shaped puppy toy. This one is by All for Paws and comes in really bright colour options.  Not only does it come in bright pink but it’s also  available in green; a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to buy the regular blue or pink that are the usual offerings in puppy toys.

Rosewood Biosafe Puppy Ball Little  Buddy Puppiefier Puppy toy

Our Favourite Chew Toys for Adult Dogs

As any dog owner will tell you, it isn’t only puppies who are partial to chewing. Many adult dogs love to chew too, especially breeds such as Labradors, Jack Russells and Beagles. Dogs of any breed can enjoy chewing their toys, as it is a great stress reliever and stops boredom from creeping in. We have sourced a range of Dog chew toys in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit all dogs.

Dog carries a Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick on a walk with his owner


KONG Classic - Possibly one of the most famous chew toys for dogs is the KONG Classic. KONG are renowned for their super tough toys and this is the original. It comes in a few different sizes and has a gap where you can stuff treats to entice your dog.   

Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick - We love Ruffwear for their really practical outdoorsy dog accessories. Their range of dog toys are brilliant for outdoor games of fetch as well as being tough enough for persistent chewers. Like the KONG, it has a crevice for you to stuff with treats to add an extra tasty dimension to the playtime fun.

Rosewood Biosafe Pineapple - We love the anti-microbial materials that are used to make these toys as it means no nasties can grow on the outside of the toy after use.  The bright colours and unusual shapes are stimulating to dogs and will encourage play. Plus, when it gets to Summer you can fill the toy with water and freeze for a wonderful cooling sensation.

KONG Classic dog chew toy Ruffwear Gnawt-a-stick dog toy in dandelion yellowRosewood Biosafe Pineapple Chew Toy

KONG Extreme - Does your dog have the potential to be a destructive chewer? If that’s the case, and only the strongest chew toys will do, then you should consider the KONG extreme range of toys. The KONG Extreme is made of the toughest rubber and designed for power chewers! Stuff with treats and watch your dog have loads of interactive fun.

KONG Squeezz Confetti Stick - Another brilliant option for games of fetch, the confetti stick has all the qualities that we have come to expect from a KONG toy. The glittery colours are sure to attract your dog's attention.

KONG Extreme dog toy      KONG Squeezz Confetti Stick Dog Chew toy

Beco Hoop-on-a-Rope - Another great toy for multi-sensory fun. This can be used for games of fetch and your dog will enjoy carrying it around in their mouth. The hoop is made of an eco-friendly rubber material and the rope will make it easy to throw great distances.

KONG Dental with Rope - The dental toy by KONG is designed with ridges in the surface to help clean teeth when chewed. It has two ends of rope, making it perfect for throwing games outdoors and it can float, so it’s ideal to take to the beach. There’s a squeaker to make it super enticing and it can be stuffed with treats for an added reward at playtime!

Beco Hoop on a Rope dog toy KONG Dental toy with rope dog toy

We hope our list gives you plenty of inspiration for your dog toy box. It’s important to rotate your dog’s toys regularly so that they don’t get bored of them. You should also check them for any damage over time. No toy will last forever and it’s important to swap them out and replace when they are getting worn out.

If you need any extra help with any of the toys mentioned, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

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