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The Best Training Treats For Dogs


Dog owner teaching his dog a trick

Our mini series about dog treats continues this week with training treats. Not only are they a great way to reward your dog for good behaviour, but they are an essential training aid for teaching your puppy things like crate training. Your dog never stops learning and training treats will come in handy when they’re older to help teach new tricks and also instil good manners that they’ve already learned. We never leave the house without a few dog training treats stored in our pockets for use on dog walks and when travelling.


Here we highlight our favourite treats from the collection:


Our Top Dog Training Treats

The Innocent Hound Puppy Training Treats - We’ll start with a good option for puppies as you’ll be doing all sorts of training if you have a new four-legged friend. These ones by The Innocent Hound are suitable for puppies from 8 weeks old so are great if you’ve only just brought your new puppy home. They’re made from 80% freeze dried lamb and are grain free and hypoallergenic. The ideal training treats for little pups with sensitive tummies.

The Innocent Hound Puppy Training Treats

Forthglade Training Treats - These treats are made of natural, grain-free, ingredients and are the perfect size for training. Made of super tasty ingredients with a cheese and fruit flavour that your pup will love. They’re cut into a heart shape too so they’re super cute!

Forthglade Training Treats

Cooper & Co Venison Sausage Bites Training treats - What could be tastier than treats made from 100% venison? These ones by Cooper & Co are low in fat and come in a resealable bag to keep them fresh. The perfect size to use as training treats.

Cooper & Co Venison Sausage Training Bites

Pet Munchies Dog Training Treats in Chicken - These premium dog treats by Pet Munchies are made from all natural, human grade, ingredients. They are free from any artificial additives and preservatives and contain no gluten or wheat.

Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats for dogs

Laughing Dog Grain Free Fish & Tricks Training Treats - Laughing Dog have been careful to create a treat that is healthy and full of goodness. These heart-shaped dog treats are baked in Britain and contain no grain, dairy or soya. Great for training or for a little snack in-between meals.

Laughing Dog Fish & Tricks Dog Training Treats

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Training Treats - These tasty treats by Lily’s Kitchen are not only traditionally baked from natural ingredients but are certified organic too. Low in fat, they are suitable for adult and senior dogs from 4 months old.

Lily's Kitchen Training Treats

Billy + Margot Honey & Banana Training Treats - Billy + Margot are known for their premium quality dog treats and foods. This recipe is lovingly handmade in Britain with an apple & Strawberry flavour and is full of minerals and vitamins to promote a shiny coat.

Billy + Margot Training Treats

Natures Deli Duck Training Bites - These delicious dog treats are made from 85% duck breast with absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives. They are slowly roasted in the meat’s own juices to give as much flavour as possible. They’re also high in protein. What more could you ask for in a training treat?!

Natures Deli Duck Training Bites

True Instincts Lamb Meat Bites - True Instinct make scrumptious treats from 100% meat. These ones are made from premium lamb and are freeze dried to keep in all the goodness. The contain no artificial colours or preservatives and are gluten and grain free. Delicious nourishing treats that your dog will love.

True Instincts Lamb Meat Bites

We hope you like our selection of treats. Whatever kind of training you’re doing, whether it’s lead training or teaching sit, these treats are all sure to give a tasty reward for your pup’s efforts.


If you have any questions about the treats listed, do get in touch. We’ll always try to help as much as we can with your queries.

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