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The Best Winter Dog Coats


The Best Winter Dog Coats

We are deep into the Autumn/Winter season and the weather is still getting colder. Misty mornings and frost on the ground look beautiful and are just two of the things that we love at this time of year - festive films and hot chocolate being a couple of others! We love a frosty morning walk to blow the cobwebs away, but it’s important to keep wrapped up warm and protect ourselves from the elements, both for you and your dog. If you have a small breed dog or one with a short coat, then it’s imperative that you buy them a dog coat for Winter. Similarly, ageing dogs and dogs with health problems or those recovering from ailments Amy not be able to regulate their own body temperature very well and will benefit from a dog coat. Even if your dog is a bigger, younger dog with a longer coat, there may be occasions when a dog coat is needed to ensure they don’t get too cold on their walks.

In this article we take a look at some of our favourite winter dog coats.


Our Top Winter Dog Coats

Hugo & Hudson Reversible Puffer Jacket - Quilted puffer jackets are quite the style statement and now your dog can have one too. They don’t just follow the trend for oversized quilted jackets, but are super practical as well. This reversible style from Hugo & Hudson comes in either red or blue and can be turned the opposite way for a different look. It is water repellant and filled with a premium quality filling so you know your dog will be protected from the elements whatever the weather. It comes in four sizes from Small (to fit tiny toy breeds) up to a size large (to fit breeds such as whippets and border collies).



Hugo & Hudson Reversible puffer jacket dog coat in red  Hugo & Hudson Reversible puffer jacket dog coat in pink


Hurtta Expedition Parka - Do you have an outdoorsy adventure-loving dog? If you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors, walking in the countryside or hills, then you know how important it is to stay protected from the elements. The Hurtta Expedition Parka dog coat has been designed to keep your dog warm on big adventures in cold weather. The material is waterproof, breathable and robust. The neck circumference and back length can both be adjusted to make the fit just right for your dog.  There's also an opening in the back so you can thread your dog lead through to your dog’s harness. It comes in a wide range of sizes from a 30cm back length (suitable for toy breeds such as Italian Greyhounds and Jack Russells) up to a 65cm back length (suitable for large breeds such as German Shepherds).

Hurtta Expedition Parka winter dog coat in BilberryHurtta Expedition Winter dog coat in BeetrootHurtta Expedition Parka dog coat in Blackberry

Ruffwear Vert Jacket - Ruffwear are famous for their premium quality products for dogs that are designed for the great outdoors. They make the best dog coats for different seasons including Winter. The Ruffwear Vert jacket is a technical dog coat that will withstand all kinds of conditions. It was inspired by mountain guide dogs who have to work in a range of conditions. The fabric is waterproof, windproof and breathable and it is lined in a cosy fleece for added warmth. It even has a reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions - perfect for walks in bad weather or on mornings or evenings when it’s dark. It comes in Sizes from Small (31.5cm back length) up to an XL (74cm back length).


Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Jacket - Another technical dog coat that has all the water proof functionality of the Vert jacket, the Quinzee is a packable jacket with quilted, duvet-like qualities. It has a synthetic filling that will provide your dog with warmth and protection in extreme cold. Packed full of features, it also has reflective strips so you can stay safe on dark mornings or evenings and there’s an opening on the back so you can secure a lead safely to your dog’s harness. Available in 3 sizes from Small (50cm back length) up to Large (65cm back length).


Cockapoo dog wearing the Ruffwear Qunizee Insulated Jacket for dogs in grey - Winter dog coat  


Danish Design Sports Luxe Coat - A windproof and waterproof dog coat with a sporty feel, this Danish Design dog coat also has thermal padding to protect from Winter weather. Rather than wrapping around the front with a fastening, it actually loops over the head and has a full front which offers full chest protection - ideal for really cold weather. Available in a range of sizes from 30cm up too 65cm, their is a size here to fit most dogs.

Danish Design Sports Luxe Winter Dog Coat in Red  Danish Design Sports Luxe Winter Dog Coat in blue Labrador wearing a Danish Design Sports Luxe Dog Coat in red


Danish Design 2 in 1 Ultimate Dog Coat - This unique dog coat has been designed to be used in a whole range of weathers. A two part dog jacket, it has a removable polar fleece lining that can be taken out on warmer days. The polar fleece will offer your dog protection from the cold in winter, whilst the outer layer alone can be worn as a lightweight rain coat when Spring comes along. Available in two colours (the Hi Viz one is great for the best visibility); and 10 sizes from 30cm back length up to 75cm back length - there’s a size to fit almost every dog breed.

A white curly haired dog wearing a Danish Design Ultimate 2-in-1 dog coat

Ancol Heritage Herringbone Coat - If you want a dog coat that combines country style with practicality, then you may like this herringbone tweed option by Ancol. It may not have all the technical qualities of some of the other dog coats on our list, but it does have a polar fleece lining making it a good option for a lot of dog owners who just want a dog coat for casual walks around town. Available in 5 sizes from Small 30cm back length (suitable for Jack Russells and similar) up to XL 60cm back length (suitable for Dalmatians and similar sizes breeds).

Ancol Brown Herringbone Dog Coat - tweed dog coat



Hurtta Outdoors Body Warmer - Strictly speaking this isn't a dog coat, but more an all-in-one body warmer for dogs. It has some of the same functionality as a coat, but can also be layered with other dog clothing for added protection. The all-in-one dog body warmer is a multi-functional item and can be worn by ageing dogs or dogs undergoing rehabilitation to help keep them warm. It features reflectors for low-light visibility when worn outdoors and it’s breathable so you know your dog will be comfortable. It comes in an extensive range of sizes for every breed of dog from tiny Jack Russells up to large Bernese Mountain dogs.


Weimaraner dog wears the Hurtta Outdoors Body Warmer 30S in grey   Detail of the Hurtta Outdoors Body warmer for dogs  Hurtta Outdoors Body Warmer 30S in grey - Winter dog clothing

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