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The Top 10 Puppy Essentials


The Top 10 Puppy Essentials

You may be preparing for the all important ‘Gotcha Day’, the day celebrated by all dog parents as the day you brought your pup home. Taking your puppy home for the first time is exciting, especially if you have prepared for their arrival. Puppy shopping can be so much fun, but also overwhelming if you’re a new pet parent, or if you’ve not had a puppy for a few years. There will be some things you do need to buy for necessity and some things that are worth buying for your new pup. Here at Lords & Labradors we’ve put together the 10 puppy essentials you’ll need to get your new puppy settled.


What crate to buy?

Firstly, if you’ve decided to crate train your puppy, you’ll need a crate that will see you through from puppyhood to adulthood. You’ll need a crate the appropriate size so you can fit a puppy bed at one end and a puppy training pad the other incase they need to toilet when left in their crate. It also gives your pup enough room to stretch, play and sleep if crated during the daytime. Depending on your training methods, you may want to place the crate somewhere the puppy can be near to you, but also not directly in a high traffic area of your home. Remember the crate is your puppy’s den, so discourage any children from climbing inside.

two puppies in a cosy and calm puppy box bed in their crate

Where should my puppy sleep?

We recommend a puppy bed that’s easy for your pup to get in and gives them enough support and comfort whilst they sleep. Our Cosy & Calm Puppy Box Beds have been carefully designed with your puppy in mind. The beds are super squishy and soft, and have the most comfortable sides for your pup to snuggle right into. If you have chosen to crate train your pup, our vet bed is really popular, as it’s cosy, comfortable, robust and relatively puppy proof - it’s easily washed and dried too. It can be used with or without our Cosy & Calm puppy box bed.


What will my new puppy eat?

It’s recommended you initially use the same food that your puppy comes home with, in order to avoid any tummy upset during their first few days with you. Once your puppy has settled, you can gradually introduce a new food to their diet. It’s good to check the food guidelines of the food you choose to feed your pup, as often they’ll give you the correct guidelines on how to introduce the new food to your pup.

Make sure you have a clean bowl for water and a clean bowl for food, you can opt for a slanted water bowl if you have a spaniel breed to reduce your dogs ears from getting soaked in their water.


Puppy Toilet Training

Top of your list should be a reliable pack of puppy training pads, not only are they great for training your young pup, but they are invaluable when travelling (pop in the bottom of their carrier/crate to catch any travel sickness or accidental toilet trips). You can also use them to absorb muddy, wet paws after your pup has had a play in puddles!


puppy on training mat


How to settle my new puppy at night

When settling your new puppy at night, our heart beat sheep will be your puppy's new best friend. The heart beat sheep features a beating heart inside that mimics the beat of Mum's heart. They're designed to offer comfort and calm to new puppies who may feel nervous in their new home; they help to stop separation anxiety too. Alongside the heart beat sheep, you could pop in a heat pad under your dogs bed/cushion to keep them warm and to mimic the feeling of having siblings/mum near. Both the heat and the heart beat sheep will provide comfort for your puppy, especially whilst they are settling in and adjusting overnight.


How to keep your new puppy entertained

Toys will provide something to chew on for your pup, which you’ll find are essential if you want to avoid your puppy chewing on your furniture. Choose a variety of textures, styles and sizes to keep your puppy engaged and interested. You may want to keep a toy box so your pup can choose what they’d like to play with, or keep a few toys in rotation so your puppy doesn’t get bored with them.

You can also buy toys you can fill with treats or their food. If you want/need to leave your puppy - remember to build this up slowly, and don’t leave your new puppy for a long period of time - you could try freezing a peanut butter filled KONG (remember to use doggy/puppy friendly peanut butter). Freezing the toy will take them longer to work through and will give some relief to their sore teething gums and teeth.


Does my new puppy need a collar?

You may want to purchase your dogs collar before they arrive home with you, however it’s advised to purchase the correct size collar for your puppy, which you may have to wait until they’re here to measure them properly. It is a legal requirement to have a tag with your details on incase your puppy gets lost or strays away, but it’s advised not to add your puppy’s name to the tag.


puppy in carrier Puppy in blanket


How will I get my new puppy home?

Collecting your puppy to take them home is really exciting, but it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you have a suitable carrier/crate to store them in safely for the journey. It’s important your dog is restrained as it is the law to keep your puppy properly restrained whilst driving. In your carrier, you may want to pop in a blanket that smells like home and a scent blanket that smells like their mum and litter mates. It’s also good to pop in some puppy training pads incase of any car sickness or accidental toilet trips.


When to start training my new puppy?

You can start with bonding and training your puppy almost straight away, get some high quality, puppy training treats (make sure to check the guidelines), and enjoy teaching them new tricks - you’ll be amazed at how quick they learn!


When do I start grooming my puppy?

It’s recommend that even if your pup won’t require grooming at first, you should regularly brush them to get them used to being groomed and handled. Choose a simple, soft brush and/or comb for the first couple of months. There will be a time you will need to wash your puppy, make sure you’re not using human shampoo as this will upset your puppy's PH levels and may not be compatible with your puppy flea treatment. It’s best to invest in a puppy shampoo that you can use when and if you need to bathe your puppy.

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