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Why Do Cats Knead The Bed?


Why Do Cats Knead The Bed?

Cat kneading is an instinctive trait in your feline. The act of kneading a soft surface, such as a blanket, your bed, other cats, (or your lap), is soothing and relaxing. You may even find they purr, drift off to sleep or simply zone out, whilst enjoying the motion. 

Most cats will knead, however some may purr really loudly, some may do it quietly, some may use all four paws, whilst others will use only two, regardless of how they knead the bed, it’s not unusual for them to appear in a trance-like state and look almost glazed over - this just means they’re completely relaxed!

If your cat does knead their bed, you may be wondering why they do this? In this article we discuss, why cats knead their bed and bedding. 

Cat kneading their bed

Why do cats knead their bed 

You may have heard the phrase ‘making bread’ or ‘making biscuits’ when it comes to your cats kneading habits. The adorable phrase is used as your cat will look like they’re ‘kneading’ dough. There are lots of reasons why your cat kneads their bed, the main reason being it’s an instinctive trait they inherit from when they were only a kitten. When feeding from their mother, your kitten would paw at their mums stomach to encourage milk flow. This is also why sometimes cats may dribble while they knead their bed or often they suckle at a soft object such as a blanket, cushion, bedding or toy - as they’re expecting the milk that used to be associated with the movement. 

If your cat is still kneading as an adult cat, take it as a compliment your cat feels happy, safe and comfortable with you! 


Why do cats knead bedding 

Your cat kneads when they’re happy - it’s a part of their feline personality, if you find they’re kneading you particularly painful, grab a blanket and be assured it’s completely natural behaviour. 

Kneading their bedding is often explained as being a wild trait passed down from your cats wild ancestors. Wild cats will paw at piles leaves or tall grass to create a nest for themselves and their young to relax and sleep in - similarly to how we fluff pillows. By kneading their bed, they’re not only making it more comfortable, they’re also checking for dangerous things hidden within their safe sleeping space. 

Here at Lords and Labradors we provide a variety of bedding your cat will love kneading and feel safe and secure in, and our luxury blankets act as a great barrier for your lap when they ‘make biscuits and bread’ on you. 

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