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Beach Haul - Things for a Day at The Beach with Your Dog


Beach Haul - Things for a Day at The Beach with Your Dog

So, FINALLY, it’s getting hotter! 

Its about time we got a bit more of a British Summer! But the sun has finally come out, The weather reports say its hotter than Miami, so why would you want to be anywhere else? So to make sure you have THE BEST DAY at the beach, we have made a list of important things to take with you on your trip to make it a hassle free, fun day at the beach.


1. Keep your dog hydrated! Travel bowls are an absolute necessity – We love these Beco pop up travel bowls, they are light, handy and just slot in to your beach bag. 


beco travel bowl


2. Nothing is more embarrassing than when your dog leaves a mess and you have nothing to clear it up with – plus its not uncommon for passers by to watch! (Aghhhhh! Awkward) But don’t fret, we have these super cool Beco poo bag holders which clip on to pretty much anything.


Beco Pocket Poo Bag Holder


3. If your dog loves the water it might be important to get your dog a float coat, basically, a life jacket for dogs. They are perfect for all dogs but are particularly great for flat faced dogs where it is important to keep their faces above water.


4. Ball on a rope, they are brilliant for the beach! you can throw them extra far and make the beach extra enjoyable for your four-legged friend.

dog lifejacket Ball on a rope - blue


5. Whilst its customary for us Brits to enjoy fish and chips at the seaside, your dog may want a little treat too! We recommend Lily’s Kitchen Fish Skins, and dogs LOVE them. It will also keep your dog occupied whilst you are enjoying your lunch.


6. Sharing is caring, or not… I don’t like sharing my beach towel with my dog, its nothing personal but frankly, wet dog hair isn’t something I like to snuggle up to. So bring your dog a mat! These waterproof mats are light and easy to chuck down on the sand.


7. So its come to the end of your brilliant day, fun filled and action packed we highly recommend these Ruff & Tumble Ultimate Drying Coats. Oh and our favourite is in Sandringham Blue. They keep your dog at the right temperature as they are cooling down and drying off. They let your dog dry off in the car without mucking up everywhere! 

dog drying coats   

8. Ok so it always seems like you bring back half of the British coast with you in your socks, shoes, handbag, towels, you name it, sand has managed to get in there. Ew. So its a good idea to protect your car as much as you can, we recommend either: The Wander Hammock – which lets your dog sit on the back seat whilst protecting everything (brill for larger dogs) – The other being a Cargo Cape, For the boot of your car, just fold down and shake out! 

So we think we have covered everything… Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to post your photos! we’d love to see!


L&L x

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