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Best European Campsites For Dogs - Luxury


Best European Campsites For Dogs - Luxury

There is very little that is more fun and exciting than travelling the continent with your dog. After all, adventure is one of the greatest parts of life, and something that we should try to experience as much as possible. Plus, your dog enjoys it just as much as you do, or perhaps even more. In this article, we take a look at some of the best luxury campsites across Europe. These really are some of the most amazing places you have ever seen.


La Vie en Rose

Situated in France, this campsite charges €230 per night. It features a super king-size bed for extreme comfort, as well as private shower rooms, and breakfast delivered straight to your tent. Plus, it features some of the most spectacular mountain views you are likely to ever experience.
Your dogs are more than welcome to come with you, and the tents are built like home with wooden flooring and an outdoor kitchen so that you can cook whenever you want. 


Camping Punta Milà

This Spanish camping site has prices starting from €95 per night. Dogs are more than welcome, and there is a great range of places you can take them. The site features a communal swimming pool for those hot Spanish days, and the beach is incredibly close, so you can walk down whenever you want.
It has a natural park and is also situated in a very quiet and tranquil location. There are some shared amenities, such as the restaurant and children’s area, but there are also a large number of things to do. Whether you feel like going walking, fishing, or horseback riding, there is an activity that will appeal to you.


Clissmann Gypsy Caravans

This Irish getaway has a classic look with prices starting at €90 per night. You are allowed to bring your dogs, but you should keep them on a lead while you are on the site. There are farm animals that you can visit and pet, such as donkeys and horses. It also features an adjoining nature reserve that you are free to explore.
The mountain view is spectacular, and it is also a short distance from the beach if you want to get some sea air in your lungs. Toilets and showers are communal, but the fantastic accommodation will make that seem unimportant. Plus, they have a fantastic range of activities on offer that are sure to keep you occupied during your trip.


Teapot Lane Glamping

Another Irish getaway, this one is a little pricier than the last at €100 per night. It features caravan and tree houses as accommodation (although those with dogs tend to only stay in the former), as well as some lovely outdoor amenities. So, if you want a BBQ or just to sit outside, it’s all possible.
The site features free range hens as well as a pick your own salad and herbs activity, which can be enjoyable as well as delicious. There are spa treatments available, as well as a campfire every evening for people to gather around. There are some amazing activities including horseback riding, surfing, and even fishing. So no matter what interests you, you are sure to find a great activity here.


To Conclude

Hopefully, you have found something here that suits your camping needs perfectly. After all, you need to make sure that you and your dog will be comfortable during your stay. From Ireland to Spain, there is something from everywhere here.

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