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Dog Crate Sets & Crate Aftercare


Puppy sleeps in a Lords & Labradors crate with bumper and cushion in Savanna Oatmeal

Crate training is an important part of settling in a new puppy. A crate provides a safe, quiet space for your pup and will help them to get used to their nighttime routine and with toilet training. A dog crate can be made into a cosy den that will be loved by your new four-legged friend for a lifetime. In this article we will explain the best crate set-up for puppies, how to change the set-up as they grow up and also how to look after your crate and crate bedding.


The Perfect Crate Set-Up For A Puppy

Crate training your puppy will have lots of advantages, helping them to settle and feel safe in their home as well getting them into a consistent bedtime routine. The perfect crate for a puppy will feel safe, warm and cosy. It’s important that it’s inviting so that they feel compelled to use it.

Puppy sits in a crate with a cosy & calm puppy bed

With this in mind we’d suggest the following items:

Oilcloth Crate Cover - Crates in their basic form can be rather draughty and a little bit unsightly! A crate cover will not only make the crate look stylish, but it will make the crate feel cosy inside. Our crate covers feature roll down doors which can be lowered when it’s time for bed. Puppy will soon learn when they should be sleeping (doors rolled down) and when it’s time to get up (doors rolled up). The oilcloth fabrics come in a range of prints to suit every taste and the oilcloth finish is easy to wipe clean, making it brilliant for puppies!

Cosy & Calm Puppy Box Bed - The most recent addition to our crate bedding range. These squishy beds have been designed with crate training in mind. Each size is made to fill exactly one half of the corresponding crate size. So if you have a small crate for a Chihuahua for example, the small bed will fit in exactly one half of the crate. This then leaves room for a puppy pad in the other half along with a  bowl for water. They come in a range of our printed cotton fabrics and feature a reversible cushion pad inside - one side covered in super plush sherpa!

Puppy Pads - Whilst we don’t want to encourage puppies to pee in the crate, it’s also important to note that they can’t hold themselves for very long at all. Whilst you will be able to take them outside at regular intervals during the day, this may not be the case at night. When you put them to bed, putting a puppy pad in one half of the crate will help to stop any accidents from dirtying their bed or crate tray.

Crate Bowls - Puppies will need access to water at all times and a crate bowl is a brilliant accessory as it can be fastened to the crate walls. This will ensure it doesn’t get tipped over or knocked like a standard bowl might.

Duck egg spot crate cover Cosy & Calm Puppy Bed Rosewood Puppy Training Pads   Ellie-Bo crate bowls in blue

Left to Right: Oilcloth crate cover; Cosy & Calm bed; Rosewood Training Pads; Ellie-Bo crate bowls

The Perfect Crate Set-Up For An Adult Dog

As your dog becomes toilet trained and they begin to need the full space of the crate for their bed, you will need to consider swapping out the puppy accessories for their proper adult bed. At Lords & Labradors we specialise in crate bedding that will make your dog’s den look stunning as well as super comfortable inside.

Crate Cushion - Our crate cushions are designed to fit our crates perfectly. They come in a range of fabulous fabric designs from luxurious tweeds to printed cottons. There really is something to suit every taste and home.

Crate Bumper - Crate walls aren’t the most comfortable things to snuggle up to, and if your dog likes to curl in the corner of their bed, they will need something other than metal bars! That’s where our fabulous bumpers come in. They sit around the edge of the crate cushion and create a spongey layer of warmth around the walls. Perfect for snuggling up in the corner when nap time calls!

Crate Cover - When your pup grows up and accidents are less likely, you may want to consider swapping the oilcloth cover for a fabric one that matches the rest of their new crate bedding. Our fabric covers are fully lined and finished with metal toggles. They offer all of the benefits of the oilcloth cover, but are machine washable rather than wipe clean.

Dog Crate Set in Savanna Indigo    Dog Crate Set in Natural Tweed
Pictured: Dog crate sets in Savanna Indigo and Natural Tweed

Crate Set Aftercare and How To Clean A Crate

With a little love and care your crate set will last a long time. Here we detail how to look after your crate set.

The Crate - The crate is made of sturdy metal and is really easy to keep clean. A simple dust should be sufficient for day to day cleaning and the tray is removable so you can get into the corners properly. Every now and then you may need to clean it more throughly. It might be best to do it outside if possible, to keep mess to a minimum. We’d suggest a mild, pet-safe detergent, such those by Zoflora, mixed with water to clean the crate. Use a scrub brush or something similar and clean the entire crate. Focus on the really dirty parts and don’t forget to scrub the tray which will probably collect the most grime over time. It’s really important that you rinse throughly and then make sure the crate is completely dry before setting back up ands allowing your pet back in.

Lined crate covers, cushion covers and bumper covers - All of our L&L crate bedding is machine washable. The lined crate covers, cushion covers and bumper covers are all washable on a 20° cycle. After washing, leave them to air dry flat without too much heat. A cool iron on the reverse of the cotton fabrics is fine if necessary, but often they won’t even need that.

Our tweeds and Savanna fabrics are super fast drying and they will come out of the spin almost dry. Just give them an air and they’ll be ready to use again in no time at all!

Cushion and bumper inners - The cushion and bumper inners are protected by waterproof interlinings, so won’t need washing. This will preserve the inner fillings.

The waterproof liners are wipe clean. If they become soiled, simply wipe down with a mild pet-safe detergent and they’ll be as good as new again.

Oilcloth Crate Covers - Our oilcloth crate covers have been designed to keep cleaning really simple. Just wipe down the oilcloth side of the fabric with a mild detergent cleaning product.

Cosy and Calm Puppy Bed - Our puppy beds are fully machine washable. You can put the whole bed in the machine and wash on a 30° cycle. When removed, simply shake and plump the cushion back into shape and leave to air dry without too much heat.

Follow these simple steps and your crate sets will last and look stunning for years to come!

Dog crate set in Charcoal tweed
Pictured: Logan sits in our Charcoal Tweed crate set

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