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Everything You Need For Your New Cavachon Puppy


The Cavachon, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Bichon Frise, have become a very popular pet in recent years. Their friendly and playful nature mixed with their Teddy-like good looks make them a very popular choice of pet. The Bichon Frise genetics mean they have a low shedding coat and they’re great with children, making them a good choice for families.


A small, toy breed they have been bred to try to bring together the best of both breeds. They do well in houses and apartments, either with or without a garden making them a popular choice for a wide range of people. Like the cockapoo, they are good options for allergy sufferers being hypoallergenic.


Cavachon puppy


Here we discuss all the things you will need for your puppy for the first few weeks and beyond. So whether you are getting a Cavachon in the future or have brought your Cavachon home already, read on for some or our Cavachon product recommendations…


Cavachon Puppy Shopping List

Dog Crate for a Cavachon

The best dog crate for a Cavachon in our opinion is a medium sized 30” crate. We’d suggest a double crate such as the Ellie-Bo Deluxe crate or our exclusive Lords & Labradors Deluxe gold Crate. This will be the best dog crate for a Cavachon from puppy to adulthood.


Cavachon Crate Set-up for Puppies

When you first bring your puppy home we suggest setting up the medium sized crate with a puppy bed in one side and a puppy pad in the other. Pop one of our oilcloth covers over the top to make the den snug and cosy and pop a water bowl inside. This is the ideal nighttime set-up for crate training puppies, when you might not get them outside every time they need to toilet. In a few weeks, as they become potty trained, you can swap out the puppy bed for a full size crate cushion and bumper set to match your crate cover. The puppy bed can be put somewhere else outside of the crate as a stand-alone bed.



half crate puppy bed     puppy crate with puppy bed, puppy pad and bowl


Cavachon Puppy Bed

The best puppy bed for a Cavachon is our Half Crate Cushion in the medium size. We have designed these beds to fit in half of your crate whilst your puppy is crate training. Then when your puppy is toilet trained, you can take out the half bed and swap for a full size cushion and bumper set. The puppy bed is ideal for putting elsewhere in the house to use as a stand-alone bed and comes in a range of our signature fabrics to complement your home furnishings.


Dog Bowls

We mentioned crate bowls to use in your puppy’s crate - we’d suggest the medium sized Ellie-Bo crate bowls which can be attached to any wire crate. They come with a bracket that fixes to either the wall or door of your dog’s crate and the bowls can easily be lifted in and out for cleaning and refilling.


You’ll also need two or three dog bowls for outside of the crate for food and water. We love the range of bowls by Tarhong. This range of break-resistant bowls and dog feeding accessories are made of durable melamine and come in a variety of stylish colours and designs. There are even matching placemats, treat jars and food scoops!


Ellie-bo crate dog bowls  Tarhong melamine dog bowls  Purple Glaze Dog Bowls


If you’d like something even more special, how about a gorgeous designer dog bowl by Purple Glaze. Each design is hand painted, making them a lovely forever bowl for your dog. The smaller size in the slanted bowl is perfect for floppy Cavachon ears!


Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are super important for toilet training puppies. Your pup won’t be able to hold themselves in the first week or so, so having a puppy pad down just in case you don’t get them outside quickly enough is a must.


Puppy Lead Training Accessories

We always suggest a dog harness and lead for lead training. A harness gives plenty of comfort and control for puppies who are going to pull and tug whilst they are still learning. Our favourite first harness for a Cavachon is the Ruffwear Hi & Light harness. The XXS is a good size for puppy Cavachon’s. As they grow up you can move on to the larger Ruffwear Front Range harness - the small in this should be a good size for a Cavachon. Both these harnesses match well with the Front Range leads and Hoopie collars, so your puppy can have a lovely matching set.



Ruffwear Hi & Light puppy harness  Ruffwear Front Range Lead  ruffwear front range harness


Puppy Grooming

Dog Brushes - A salon slicker brush is ideal for grooming puppies. The wire bristles are gentle enough for puppies and will ensure their coat is kept in good condition and table free. As they get older, invest in a good all round bruhs like this Mutts & Hounds dual sided brush which will take care of your Cavapoos curry locks.


Dog Shampoos - We love the Animology Puppy Shampoo as its gentle and effective. You could try the clean sheets for quick clean-ups in-between bath times. They’re super handy to keep in the car or your travel bag for car journeys and day trips.


Ruff & Tumble Drying Mitts - Drying mitts aren’t just great for bath time but for day trips too - any time your puppy might get wet, psych as a trip to the beach or a wet weather dog walk. We love the mitts for puppies as they are super versatile. Once they are fully grown, invest in a drying coat. Pop this on after you’ve rubbed them down with the mitts and they can stay cosy and warm whilst they’re still damp!

dog slicker brush drying mitts for dog groomingdog drying coat


Puppy Toys!

Don’t forget playtime! Playtime is just as important for your puppy’s development as crate lead training. Proved your puppy with a number of toys of different types. A cuddly toy for nap time, a chew toy for teething and a throw toy for throw-and-retrieve fun. One of our favourite puppy toys is the Heartbeat Sheep by All for Paws - this super soft puppy toy also mimics Mum’s heartbeat to help settle puppy - the ideal way to help settle nervous puppies when they first come to their new home.


Our favourite teething toys are by KONG. Whether you choose the classic Puppy KONG, the Teething Stick or the Puzzle Ball, your puppy will have hours fun and also be able to sate their chewing desires at the same time!

puppy KONGHeartbeat sheep dog plush toybeco hoop on a rope throwing toy


Puppy Pen or Gate

Another consideration when you first set-up your puppy’s area is how to keep them safe. Both our wooden puppy pen and wooden gate with walk-through-door are great options for sectioning off a dedicated puppy area. You don’t want to give your puppy the run-of-the house straight away - they should be given time to adjust to their new surroundings gradually. These wooden dog furniture pieces are a practical choice for most puppy owners and will look stylish in any home interior.

wooden puppy pen  wooden puppy open with walk through gate

We hope you find this shopping guide for puppies a handy resource. We've tried to highlight the best options and sixes for Cavachon's in particular. If you need any product advice or have any queries about the blog or anything else puppy related, do get in touch. We'll try our best to help!

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