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Everything You Need For Your New Maine Coon Kitten


The Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat. A beautiful, tiger-like cat with distinctive features and a semi-long coat. A hugely popular choice of pet both here and across the Atlantic, the Maine Coon is known for its intelligence and playful, yet gentle, personality. They are a really sociable cat and therefore make very popular companion pets. Here we take a closer look at the breed and discuss what you will need to buy if you're getting a Maine Coon kitten.


Maine Cook cat sitting on a dining chair in the kitchen


The History of the Maine Coon

The exact origin of the Maine Coon is unknown, as no records exist showing their introduction. There are many hypotheses, but the most likely is that they are closely related to the Norwegian Forest cat and the Siberian. The first mention of the Maine Coon was back in 1861 in a book entitled “The Book of the cat” by Frances Simpson. From then on there have been records of Maine Coons in shows around the United States.


The popularity of the breed has risen and they are now the 3rd most popular breed in both the UK and the USA. The gentle giant of the feline world, they are known for their loyal, yet independent, nature. They can have any markings and colours that other cats have, but what stands them apart from their feline cousins is their large size, long fur with lion-like ruff and lynx-like tufted ears.


A ginger Maine Coon Cat  maine coon cat


What Should I Get for My Maine Coon Kitten?

So you’ve decided to get a Maine Coon? Perhaps you want to know what to get for them? Well we thought we'd bring you a Maine Coon Shopping List to help you prepare for their arrival. Here are our recommendations for this beautiful breed:


Large Size Cat Litter Tray - A large size hooded litter tray is ideal to give them the room and privacy to toilet in comfort. Giving them a space to toilet in peace is a must and a hooded design will help keep the area around the tray clean when they dig and cover their waste. The large hooded tray from Catit is perfect with its wider than average dimensions.


You could also opt for a basic litter tray inside one of our Cat Washrooms. The cat washroom is a furniture piece that will disguise your cat litter tray and look lovely in the home. You could use the little shelf for cat supplies or just pop a vase of flowers on top to make it look like an end table. 


large cat litter tray   cat washroom


Cosmopolitan Cat Bed by Lords & Labradors - All cats love a good snooze and Maine Coons are no different.  A cat bed that is soft and plump will ensure they have somewhere to sleep and nap when they please. Our Luxury cat cushions are large and squishy and feature a cosy sherpa fleece top. A round don’t design with cushion top it will provide your cat the most comfortable nights slumber. The main body of the bed is made from our exclusive Cosmopolitan Cat design; in shades of grey and featuring different cat silhouettes it will look stunning in any room!


Choose from the classic Donut bed or the Snuggle Bed with cosy sleeping bag topper!



cosmopolitan cat cat bed by lords and labradors Cosmopolitan cat bed with snuggle top

Prescribed Kitten Diet - When planning your cat’s diet you should definitely read the instructions of whatever food you choose and also speak to your breeder or previous owner. Feeding a good quality cat food is always the best option. Try to choose a food with high quality ingredients and a high meat content! Of course, cats are all individuals, so it may come down to your cat’s personal taste too. Make sure to start with a kitten specific diet and then steadily move on to an adult cat food later. Always read the recommendations of the specific brand you choose as they will vary.




royal Canin Babycat mother and baby cat food Nature Menu Kitten Pouch - chicken - 100gMaine Coon Cat Food by Royal Canin


Cat Bowls for Food and Water - You will need at least two bowls; one for water and one for food, a third if you’re going to feed both wet and dry food. There are a number of gorgeous bowls in our shop. Which you choose will come down to personal preference but we’re particularly fond of the Tarhong range which Fuses style and practicality. If you want something a little more special why not choose one of the personalised cat bowls by Purple Glaze. These handmade, kiln fired bowls are simply gorgeous and come in a range of colours (just be sure to order two weeks in advance of when you need them as they are all handmade to order)



Tarhong cat saucer in the blue Gibralter patternCatit double dish in black - shallow bowls for cats   purple glaze personalised bowls for cats - beautiful kiln fired bowls in a range of pastel colours.


Cat Scratch Tree - Offering your cat the best indoor environment should be priority. Even if your cat will spend time outdoors, giving them a great indoor home will only enhance their life. Cats love to scratch, it’s not only a habit, but a way to keep their claws healthy and for them to keep their muscles supple, so providing them with a cat scratch tree is important. A tall scratch post with platform is advisable so they have somewhere to sate their scratching needs as well as lounge. Maine Coons grow to be very large cats so invest in a large tree from the beginning so you don’t have to keep repurchasing. Your little kitten won’t mind climbing that big tree!!


large cat scratch tree - Humberto XXL scratching tree in greyXX Large Trixie Ava cat scratch tree


Cat Grooming Kit - Getting the right grooming kit for your Maine Coon is a must. The catit longhair grooming kit is ideal as it has all the brushes and combs needed to ensure your kitten’s coat stays in tip top condition. There are many guides on how to groom cats and the Catit kit itself comes with some great information. We’d aim for a daily brush at least, but you’ll soon get to know your cat’s coat and be able to groom as often as you think necessary to keep the coat tangle-free.


Cat Shampoo - You may find brushing isn’t quite enough and choose to bathe your cat as well. It shouldn’t need to be done more than once a month and if you begin bathing whilst they are a kitten they should soon get used to the routine. Animology make a great quality cat shampoo called ‘Feline Great’. This shampoo is 100% pet safe and will promote a healthy coat. Don’t forget to dry them off well so they don’t get cold. A pair of drying mitts from Ruff & Tumble will be a great help and you may even wish to blow dry them on the coldest setting. Bathing isn’t an absolute necessity for most cats as they tend to be able to keep themselves clean, but it can be a useful thing to get them used to. There may be times where they get themselves dirty to a point where a bath is the only practical way of cleaning them!


ancol moulting cat combDouble sided brush for medium to long haired cat breeds

Cat Toys -  Provide your cat with a variety of cat toys so they don’t get bored. A range of catnip toys such as mice and balls are a great choice as cats love to hunt! Whatever you choose, try to offer a number of different options so they don’t get bored and rotate the toys every few weeks, to keep them interested. Playtime is great bonding time so find a toy or too that will require some involvement form you too, such a wand teaser.

KONG Softies Buzzy Llama cat catnip toyKONG Yarnimals Catnip cat toycat wand teaser toy

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