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Everything you Need For Your New Cockapoo


Everything you Need For Your New Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is increasingly becoming the number one choice of family pet. Their sweet nature matched with a gentle temperament and desire to play are what makes them such a popular first choice for many couples and families alike, not to mention their hypoallergenic coat. If you are preparing to bring a new Cockapoo home with you, then you might want to make sure you read this guide to everything they need to feel right at home.


Food and Water Dishes for Cockapoos

Beco Travel Bowl with a Cockapoo


Every puppy needs food and water dishes, and you should always ensure that they are the right size. Their water bowls should be full at all times to keep them hydrated, and if they are a messy drinker, it is possible to buy placemats to prevent damage to your floor. Our favourite Cockapoo bowls are:

1. Beco Travel Bowls are perfect to pack in the car when you first bring your puppy cockapoo home - especially if you have a long journey ahead. The super handy pop up design is easy to stow away and ensures your pup can have water wherever you are on your travels. It's also not breakable - drop to as you're getting out of the car and it'll just bounce!

2. Medium Size Beco Bowls are a great choice for Cockapoos. They are made from eco-friendly materials, just like the travel bowls and come in matching colours too. Buy at least two for dry food and water and a third for wet food if you wish.


Dog Crates, Beds and Bedding for your Cockapoo

Cockapoo Dog Crate with handmade bedding Set y Lords & Labradors  with Balu the Cockapoo


Your Cockapoo needs and deserves a comfortable place to sleep, especially after a long walk or exciting day. One of the places that dogs often feel safest in is in a crate. Not to mention that crate training new puppies is a great way to help settle and start their development from the moment they come home. It provides them with their own space where they can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the home. We have great Dog Crate and Cover sets that also come with a comfortable cushion for them to sleep and relax on. When your puppy first comes home, you could buy a cosy & calm puppy box bed and place puppy pads in the other half. Then as they grow older and become home trained, you can swap to a full size cushion. Snuggly and enclosed, it provides the perfect space for them. The crate in a size large is ideal for your cockapoo from puppy to adulthood. 

We also have a great range of beds for Cockapoos that will look great in the home and still offer your dog the comfort they need to get a good (and well-deserved) rest.


Puppy Toys for Cockapoos


Blue Puppy Teether and a baby Cockapoo

Every dog, regardless of age, needs a few toys to play with and chew on. It’s great mental and physical stimulation, but also allows them to develop a deeper bond with you. Here are some of our favourite toys for Cockapoos – all of which can be found on our website:

1. Puppy Teething Toys
2. Puppy Soft Toys
3. Puppy Chew Toys
4. Puppy Throwing Toys
5. Puppy Activity Toys


Walkies - Accessories for Cockapoos


Cockapoo wearing Ruffwear dog coat, lead and collar


Walks are every dog’s favourite part of the day, and so you need to make sure you have a good and sturdy harness for them to be walked in, as well as a lead. RuffWear Harnesses and leads make the perfect solution. The harnesses are comfortable and robust, providing you with additional support when they start to pull, without causing any restriction to your dog’s airways. Plus, they come in some great colours along with matching leads.


1. Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness - perfect for puppy

2. Ruffwear Front Range Harness - ideal for them to grow in to

3. Ruffwear Front Range lead - to match your pup's harness!


Some walks are wetter and muddier than others, and for these, it is important that you are prepared for home time. Your dog should be dried thoroughly after a walk, and so drying mitts and a drying coat are excellent things to have on hand. These allow them to get dry in their own time and in a more relaxed way.


Drying coat on a cockapoo  


Cockapoo Shopping List

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of what your new Cockapoo needs in order to settle in their new home. Shop this list as well as more items that are ideal for Cockapoos over on our Cockapoo Breed page here.

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