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How To Crate Train Your New Puppy


How To Crate Train Your New Puppy

You’re super excited to be getting a new puppy, but also slightly anxious to get everything just right… don’t worry, it’s only natural! Everyone goes through the same thing in the lead up to introducing their pup to their new forever home. If you haven’t bought everything you’re going to need, check out our The Top 10 Puppy Essentials, where we detail everything you’re going to need to help settle in your new puppy.

One of the main considerations is crate training your pup. Many people ask the question, “Do I need to crate train my puppy?” to which we advise yes! Crate training is a great way to help settle in nervous pups. It gives them a quiet place of their own; a comfortable and safe place to sleep at night. Used with a cover, it will help your puppy get into the night time routine quickly.

Read on for our guide on how to crate train your puppy…


What size crate do I need for my puppy?

This will all depend on the breed of your puppy of course, but we do always suggest buying the crate in a size big enough for your pup to grow into as an adult. You can layout the crate slightly differently whilst they’re young and just swap out the bedding for a full size crate cushion as your puppy grows. If you’re unsure what crate size you might need, check our recommendations on our size charts, or give us a call at +441790 720900.


  dog sleeping in crate set cosy & calming puppy crate bed
Pictured: Dog Crate with Cotton Cushion & Bumper by Lords & Labradors (left), Dog Crate with Cosy & Calming Puppy Crate Bed Set By Lords & Labradors (right)



How do I Set Up a Crate for a New Puppy

You have a couple of choices here really, one with a divider and one without.  

Option 1: Crate + Divider + Small Puppy Bed + Crate Bowls

You can use a divider to make the space inside smaller whilst your puppy is young and use a cosy puppy bed. You will need to ensure they are taken outside to toilet every couple of hours, even through the night in this case. As your pup grows, you can remove the divider and swap the puppy bed for a full size cushion. Make sure you add crate bowls with food and water for when they're closed inside.


Option 2: Crate + Puppy Bed + Puppy Pad + Crate Bowls

The second option, and the option we usually recommend, is to split the space into two halves with a piece of Vetbed or a cosy puppy bed in one side and a puppy pad in the other - no need for a divider. The puppy pad will allow you to close your puppy inside whilst ensuring any nighttime accidents don’t soil the bed. Some question whether this will encourage soiling in the crate, but it is really just for the first few weeks when your puppy can’t hold themselves at all. Dogs will naturally choose to toilet somewhere away from their den so they will soon learn to toilet outside as soon as they can hold themselves.


Two puppies in grey grow with me bed Puppy walking out of cosy & calming bed
Pictured: Grey Grow With Me Puppy Bed By Lords & Labradors (left), Cosy & Calming Puppy Crate Bed In Duck Egg Spot (right)


Optional Extras: 

We'd also suggest providing a cover to give extra privacy. Our covers have doors which can be rolled up and down to help your pup learn when night time is and get them into a bedtime routine quickly.

You may also wish to add a bumper to the inside of the crate to fit around the puppy bed or vet bed… your puppy will love snuggling up in the corner with a cosy bumper.



How Should I set Up the Crate Once my Puppy is Fully Toilet Trained?

So your puppy is settled, sleeping through the night and holding themselves long enough to no longer need puppy pads? It may be time to switch up your crate set. Once your puppy is toilet trained, you won’t need a puppy pad in the crate any longer and you may wish to upgrade their bed to more refined style that you’re likely to keep for longer. If you’ve used a bumper and/or cover you could choose the matching full size crate cushion to create a beautiful bed. All of our cushions have a waterproof liner and detachable, washable covers so if they do have the odd accident it isn’t the end of the world.

herringbone crate set Dog Crate Set in Savanna Stone by Lords & Labradors
Pictured: Dog Crate Set In Natural Herringbone Tweed By Lords & Labradors (left), Dog Crate Set in Savanna Stone by Lords & Labradors (right)


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