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Everything You Need For Your New Cavalier King Charles Puppy


Everything You Need For Your New Cavalier King Charles Puppy

Cavalier King Charles’ are known for their loving, lap dog nature. They love nothing more than a fuss and a sit on their owners lap. They also have a somewhat sporty aspect to their nature too, coming from their spaniel ancestors. When they’re not sitting on your lap being fussed, they will probably enjoy a run around the garden or on the beach. Some may well even like a game of throw and retrieve! If you’re getting a Cavalier King Charles puppy there are a few things to consider. Here we run down all the things you will need for your new furry friend.

King Charles cavalier puppy


Dog Crate

We strongly recommend crate training all breeds of puppy as it really helps with all aspects of housetraining. It teaches them that it’s ok when you’re around all the time and will certainly help at bedtime, getting them into their nighttime routine efficiently. Your Cavalier King Charles will need a Medium 30” crate so that they can grow into it as an adult. We’d suggest setting up with a small puppy bed or piece of Vetbed in one side and a puppy pad in the other for nighttime. As he grows, you can then swap it out for a full size crate cushion and bumper set. Add a set of crate bowls and your puppy will have everything he needs to keep him comfortable at nighttime.

duck egg spot crate set Ochre Ash Balmoral Tweed Crate bumper set


Collar, Harness and Lead

A small sized collar in something like the rolled leather by Dogs & Horses is ideal; super soft for puppies little necks. For lead training we absolutely recommend a harness as it gives much more support than a collar and will be much more comfortable with more surface area. In the initial stages of training your puppy on the lead they are probably going to pull a lot and a harness will prevent strain on their neck. We love the Ruffwear range of harnesses - they are super durable and come in a range of lovely colours.

ruffwear collar ruffwear leadruffwear harness


Dog Bowls

Bowls come in all shapes and sizes. We'd sugest something small to begin with like the Le Bol bowls which are perfect for puppies and then we strongly recommend swapping to a spaniel bowl with sloping sides when they're older to help prevent their ears getting wet. You’ll also need bowls for their crate. The crate bowls from Ellie-Bo are perfect for this as they attach really easily to the bars of your crate which will help prevent your pup from moving or spilling the contents.

Le Bol Dog Bowls Sophie Allport Woof! Dog Bowl Dog Crate Bowls


Puppy Food

A good quality puppy food is a must. Your breeder should give you a small amount of whatever they have been feeding your pup so you can keep their diet consistent. If you wish to change the food later on, do so gradually over a week or so. We suggest a mic of wet and dry food; wet for morning and evening in two small portions and then dry to be left down at all times for grazing through the day. Water should also be left down all day.

 Laughing dog wonderfully wheat free puppy food James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice Puppy Food Natures Menu Puppy Food Pouches


Grooming Products

Cavalier King Charles' have a semi long coat so a certain amount of grooming on a weekly basis will be essential. Use a soft slicker brush from puppyhood to get them used to grooming from a young age. You may find their long hair picks up dust and debris so a bath may be essential at times. Animology make a range of puppy shampoos that are perfect for sensitive pups. Try not to bathe more than once a week though, unless they’re really dirty. You can always use clean sheets in-between for smaller cleanups!

puppy love shampoo Clean sheets  mutts and hounds slicker brush for dogs


Puppy Toys

All puppies love playtime! Playtime offers essential bonding time with you and aids in their development. Try to offer a variety of toys including something to chew, something to cuddle and something to chase. Pop a couple of toys in their crate if you to close them in so they don’t get bored, and keep some in their general living area. Giving them something to play with will stop boredom creeping and prevent any destructive behaviour on your home furnishings.

KONG activity ball KONG knots cat toy  KONG Puppifier


Other things you might like…

A dog gate or puppy pen is a really practical idea to help section off a room. Containing your puppy in a safe space will be a must for at least the first few weeks whilst they are learning about their new environment. You could choose a dog gate for doorways if you wish to section a whole room, or you could choose a puppy pen which can be placed anywhere to give your pup a small specific space of their own. Remember to keep food and water down in their space and provide plenty of entertainment in the form of toys so they don’t get bored.

Grey wooden puppy gate   https://www.lordsandlabradors.co.uk/products/lords-labradors-white-wooden-puppy-pen?_pos=1&_sid=0aebce011&_ss=r


We hope you've found our list helpful. If you have any questions about the products here or any other questions related to other items you're thinking of purchasing for your Cavalier King Charles puppy, please do get in touch; we're always happy to help! 




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