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Everything You Need For Your New Dachshund


Everything You Need For Your New Dachshund

dachshund  dachshunds


The Dachshund is a very popular breed of dog, and for a good reason. Their small size makes them perfect for the majority of houses and flats, and their loving nature means that they are suitable for just about anyone to own. Their sweet nature complements their adorable appearance – and it is hard to say no to their notorious puppy eyes. However, before you bring your new Dachshund home, you have to make sure that they have everything they need in order to settle in.


Food and Water Dishes

Your dog needs a bowl for food and another for water, and the water bowl should always be full so that your dog can stay hydrated. A top tip is to always buy bowls that are strong and robust, so that if you drop them, they won’t necessarily break.


Tarhong is the perfect option if you are looking for something that is strong and robust. They have a lovely stainless steel finish, and are also non-slip, so your dog won’t be pushing water across the house. Plus, they come in a brilliant range of colours, so you can personalise their eating and drinking bowls accordingly. The small size option is perfect for Dachshunds.


We also love the dachshund bowl by Fenella Smith. Wo could resist her hand painted illustrations. 


 Tarhong dog bowls               Fenella smith dachshund bowl



Your new Dachshund needs a nice and calming place to sleep, and for many, the crate is the perfect solution. The majority of dog’s love crates, and we have the perfect bundle for you that includes a crate cover, cushion and a bumper. This means the bedding reaches up the side of the cage to keep your little dog comfortable while they are sleeping. Cushy and soft, it offers a safe and protected place to sleep – not to mention one that is incredibly snuggly.



duck egg spot crate set     honey bee full crate set



It doesn’t matter how old your new friend is, they need toys to play with and chew on. It is very stimulating for them, both mentally and physically, and when you take the time to play with them, it helps to build an even stronger bond between you. Here are some of our top toys:


The KONG Puppy is the ideal chewing toy and great for teething puppies. A chew toy can ease boredom and help prevent destructive behaviour.


The KONG Cozie toys are lovely soft plushies. Great for playtime and fir snuggles at puppy bedtime too!


The Planet Dog puzzle ball is a great interactive ball that can be loaded with puppy treats so your pup has a tasty reward for his playtime efforts! 



puppy kong KONG Plush ToyKONG Activity puppy ball



When it comes to going off on adventures together, the Skybox is a perfect choice. It provides your dog with an elevated box that they can sit in, so they can still see out of your car window. Plus, there is a buckle that will keep them secured, so it is also perfectly safe. So, just because your dog is little doesn’t mean they have to stop doing what they love.


A nice collar and lead are also a must for any travels that you go on – whether it’s a walk or a simple car ride. The blue rolled leather collar from Dogs and Horses is an absolute must if you want something that has a stylish appearance but is still incredibly comfortable on your pet’s neck. However, if blue is not your colour, there are a range of others to choose from. Plus, matching leads are available which are just as soft and comfortable as the collars.

Kurgo Skybox booster seat for small dogs dogs and horse rolled leather collardogs and horses rolled leather lead


To Conclude

Hopefully, you now have a good idea as to what your new Dachshund needs. With so many wonderful things to choose from, you (and your dog) are sure to be spoiled for choice. If you make sure to have these necessities in your home before your new addition arrives, you will be well on the way to good ownership.

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