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Everything You Need For Your New Golden Retriever Puppy


Golden Retriever puppy having a nap on the floor

Are you getting a new golden retriever puppy? Getting a puppy is oh-so exciting, but it can also stir a few butterflies when you think about preparing and making sure everything is ready. It’s perfectly normal to have a few nerves and, besides, we’re here to help! We know exactly what every new puppy owner feels, and we know exactly what new puppies need. Every breed is a little different and, in this article, we’re going to look at the beautiful Golden Retriever. We’ll take a little look at the history of the breed and then take you through everything you’ll need for them.


The History of the Golden Retriever Breed

The Golden Retriever is a large gun dog that was originally bred to retrieve game, hence their name. They tend to have a friendly and gentle nature which has led them to be an extremely popular family pet; they're the third most popular breed in the US and 8th most popular in the UK. They have a natural love of water, need a fair amount of exercise with at least two lengthy walks a day and are fond of playing. Their gun dog heritage also means they take to training well and they excel in obedience trials.

They tend to be great with children so make popular family pets and they’re also good with strangers. You might need to think about what space you have as they’re not the smallest breeds, and their long coats tend to shed a lot so will benefit from regular grooming.

Golden Retriever puppy

Golden Retriever Shopping List

So, you’ve made the decision to get a new Golden Retriever puppy! Here are all of the things you’ll need for them and the sizes we suggest getting.

42” Metal Dog Crate - It’s best to buy a dog crate that your puppy will be able to use as an adult too. Puppies grow extremely quickly, and you don’t want to have to repurchase items such as this. A 42” is perfect for an adult, and whilst you might think it seems huge at first, once you have set up the crate for puppy it will be just perfect. We suggest using a puppy bed that fills one half of the crate and then use the other half for a water bowl and a puppy pad. This is the ideal set-up for puppies and can be swapped out for a full-size bed once they have grown up and are fully toilet trained.

XL Cosy & Calm Puppy Bed - This is a brilliant bed for your puppy and is designed to use in one of the 42” crates. It is super practical and can be used outside of the crate as a standalone bed too. It has a cosy inner cushion that can be turned over with a Sherpa reverse and a waterproof liner in case of any accidents. The Puppy Cate Bed in XL would also be a good option - this one has a slightly more structured wall and a low front that makes it easy to climb in and out.

42” Oilcloth Crate Cover - A crate cover is a good addition to your crate for both practical and aesthetic reasons. A cover really does help to settle your new puppy, giving them a feeling of security in their crate. It is also a great way to help get your puppy into their night-time routine as they will soon learn that it’s time to sleep when the doors are let down. From a style point of view, it just makes your cage-like crate look nice, turning it into a lovely little den! We have loads of fabric options to choose from, all of which are deigned to match our puppy beds. We’d definitely suggest choosing an oilcloth for new puppies though as they’re just so easy to keep clean with a simple wipe down.


Cosy & Calm puppy bed in duck egg spot         Duck Egg Spot Oilcloth crate cover          

Puppy Pads - Puppy pads are an essential for any new puppy parent. Useful for crate training and for leaving in any area of the house that your puppy lives. You’ll of course try to get them outside at regular intervals to encourage them to toilet outside, but there will definitely be the odd time that they just can’t hold themselves and a puppy pad will save your floors from being soiled!

Medium Crate Bowls - These are perfect to use as part of your puppy crate set-up as they can be attached to the crate bars and will stop puppy from knocking or spilling their water. The medium will be ideal for your puppy, but you might want to size up to the large as they grow.

Puppy pads       Ellie-Bo Crate Bowls in blue


Lords & Labrador Velvet Blanket - A pet blanket will offer snuggles and a feeling of security to little puppies. They are brilliant for travelling to make their travel crate comfortable and also for adding extra warmth to their bed or crate at home. This version is made from luxury velvet and cosy Sherpa and can be personalised with their name to make it extra special. The large size will be ideal as it will last through to adulthood.

L&L Velvet puppy blanket

Golden Retriever Bowl by Fenella Smith - Your puppy will of course need to eat and drink, and we love these ceramic bowls by Fenella Smith featuring illustrations of Golden Retrievers. Whilst the metal bowls above are great for water in the crate, they will need bowls somewhere outside of the crate for proper mealtimes.

Puppy Love Shampoo - The puppy love shampoo is perfect for new puppies. It’s gentle enough for little eyes and sensitive skin. As your pup grows up, we’d suggest changing over to a de-shedding shampoo such as the Tropiclean Shed Control shampoo and conditioner. Golden Retrievers shed throughout the year but go through two phases where they shed a lot. This will help to keep it to a minimum and keep their coats in good condition.

Ancol Salon Slicker Brush - This is a good first brush for puppies as it is soft enough for sensitive skin with bristles that will smooth the coat and keep tangles at bay. You’ll need to get your pup used to grooming from a young age as they’ll need regular brushing as adults to keep their thick long coats in good condition.

Fenella Smith Golden Retriever bowl Puppy Love ShampooAncol Salon Slicker brush

KONG Classic - Golden Retrievers naturally like to chew and teething puppies need to soothe sore gums. A premium quality chew toy is essential. The last thing you want is for your puppy to start chewing their bed or your home furnishings. Some of the best chew toys are those by KONG and you can’t go wrong with one of their Classic toys. It can even be stuffed with your pup’s favourite treat or a bit of peanut butter to tempt them to use it.

KONG Floppy Knots Elephant - This soft toy is ideal for cuddling up to when your retriever is a puppy but will also make a great toy for gentle games of throw and retrieve as they grow up. The internal knotted skeleton of the toy makes it ideal for carrying around in the mouth making it great for different kinds of play. Did we mention that it looks adorable too?! Who could resist the fun purple velour and blue check design?!

KONG Classic dog toy  KONG Floppy Knots Elephant dog toy

Ruffwear Front Range Harness - Lead training is a really important part of your puppy’s development and having the right accessories is a must. We don’t think you can beat the Front Range harness by Ruffwear. The small is probably best for a puppy whilst they’ll likely need the medium as an adult. The harness is robust and offers all the comfort and support they need. They come in a fabulous range of colours too and there are plenty of matching accessories. Don’t forget to choose a matching collar and lead to complete the set!

Ruffwear Front Range Harness in Blue Moon       Ruffwear Flat Out Collar   Ruffwear Flat Out Dog Lead

Upgrade to an L&L Crate Set - Once your puppy is fully toilet trained and there is less risk of any accidents, then you can think about swapping out your puppy’s crate bedding for a full crate set that they can use into adulthood. You can use the same XL crate and then swap the puppy bed for a crate cushion with matching cover and bumper. Our sets come in all kinds of fabric designs; we have printed cottons that are designed in-house, and we also offer premium tweeds that are hard-wearing, durable and look stunning. They’re a really practical choice for big dogs as they withstand plenty of wear and tear. A great option for any adult Golden Retriever! (Below we have pictured the Cosmo Dog Oilcloth, Hyde Park and Mulberry Tweed sets). 

L&L Crate set in Cosmopolitan Dog Oilcloth  L&L Crate Set in Hyde Park Cotton  L&L Crate Set in Mulberry Balmoral Tweed

For Golden Retriever Parents

As a new puppy parent, we’re sure you’ll be rather obsessed with your new family member. We have a couple of lovely items for pet-loving humans to show their love for their pets.

Golden Retriever Mug by Sweet William - This gorgeous mug by Sweet William will remind you of your precious pup every time you have a cup of tea! A stylish cream design with a friendly retriever on the front it will look lovely in any home.

Golden retriever Tea Towel - Why not add to your Sweet William collection with this practical tea towel. It has the same design as the mug so would match perfectly. A lovely gift idea for new and existing Golden Retriever parents.

Sweet William Golden Retriever Mug    Sweet William Golden Retriever Mug


If you have any further questions about the products mentioned in this article, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to answer any queries you may have. We want you to be happy with your choices and ensure you get all the right things. We're be happy to discuss your needs to achieve that.

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