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Everything You Need For Your New Labrador Puppy


Everything You Need For Your New Labrador Puppy

Historically working dogs, Labradors were originally bred as fishermen’s companions and later gun dogs. A dog of many talents, other Labrador roles have included military dog, therapy dog and guide dog. Over the last century Labradors have become an ever-popular breed amongst pet owners. Intelligent, loyal, agile, even-tempered and outgoing, they make wonderful family pets.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a shopping list of everything you need for your new Labrador puppy.


Dog Crates and Bedding for Labrador Puppies

We’d highly recommend investing in a crate from the day your puppy comes home. An extra large size dog crate will last until they're fully grown, whilst the addition of a cover, bumper and cushion set will create a cosy, den-like bed. A crate will keep your puppy safe when unoccupied and stop them from gnawing on your furniture. A cage can be a great toilet training aid too. We suggest using a cosy & calm puppy crate bed in one half of the crate, with a puppy training pad in the other.


norfolk terrier dog next to a savanna stone crate set     jack russell puppy in a grey spot cosy and calm puppy crate bed


Dog Beds for Labradors

All puppies love to snooze and labradors are no different. Choose a snuggly bed for the first few months, something like the Grow with Me Puppy Bed is ideal as it has an inner ring that can be removed as your puppy grows. Our cosy & calm puppy crate beds are great for puppy's crate training and they can be used as a stand alone bed too. Then after five or six months you can swap out to a full size dog cushion such as our dog cushion in the X Large size which is ideal all the way up until they are a fully grown adult Labrador. 


Dog Collars and Harnesses for Labradors

Choose a collar and harness that is easily adjustable as your Labrador grows. The D&H rolled leather collar is beautifully crafted from buttery soft leather. A luxury accessory that will last and last. Choose the matching rolled leather lead for the ultimate stylish walking accessory. Easy to take care of; just clean with leather soap and conditioner.


Puppy Toys For Labradors

Labradors are intelligent dogs and require plenty of playthings to keep their minds occupied and encourage their development. A chew toy  will provide hours of fun and also helps reduce destructive behaviours associated with boredom. We’d also suggest the floppy soft toy such as the KONG Honkers Giraffe toy which are perfect for carrying around, and the pheasant thrower which is perfect for games of throw and retrieve. Lastly an interactive toy will provide a whole puzzle at playtime; perfect for clever Labradors! Hide some treats inside for hours of tasty fun.

A labrador puppy playing with a KONG jumbler


Food and Water Bowls

Every puppy needs a food and water bowl. We love the eco friendly pet bowls by Beco as they come in a range of sizes and colours; and they're really durable. We'd suggest three normal bowls - one for dry food, one for wet food and one for water. You could also invest in a travel bowl for any journeys you might have. It's great for the day you collect puppy especially if you're travelling a long way to collect them.


Dog Clothes for Labradors

Dog clothes aren't just a style choice, but are a practical choice too. We have a range of coats and bandanas that are perfect for your Labrador. Shop the range of dog coats and bandanas in our online store where there is bound to be a style to suit your taste.  

If you are unsure of what size to to purchase then take a look at our How to Measure Your Dog article. It has all the information you will need to measure your dog and find the correct sizes in all kind of wearable dog accessories including dog collars, coats and jumpers.


Training Accessories for Labradors

Puppy training and development is an important consideration for every prospective puppy owner. There are many aspects to training your puppy including toilet training, crate training, lead training and teaching manners. Shop a range of different products including clickers, puppy pads, walking accessories and training treats in our Puppy Training department. 

If you need some handy advice and tips on puppy training then our article, How To Clicker Train A Puppy might come in useful.


Other Items to Consider for a Puppy Labrador   

Slicker Brush: A slicker brush is a must and will help stop tumble weed accumulating in corners! Grooming time is important, not only for keeping your puppy looking his best, but it’s also great bonding time. A slicker brush will remove any loose hair form the coat and help keep it looking soft and shiny.

Waterproof Crate Mat: Labradors can get muddy very quickly! A waterproof crate mat is really practical used as a dog cushion bed and can be used both in the crate and as a car boot mat when travelling. Use the mat to protect your car furnishings or your labradors bedding from wet or muddy paws and it can easily be wiped clean.

Get In Touch:

Of course this isn’t a definitive list, but rather some top suggestions that we think will particularly suit a new Labrador puppy. If you have any more questions then please get in touch. We love hearing from you!

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